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  5. UniCredit Group is the Production Partner of Manifesta 7, the European Biennial of contemporary art
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UniCredit Group is the Production Partner of Manifesta 7, the European Biennial of contemporary art

UniCredit Group - one of the largest banking and financial services groups in Europe - is
committed to fostering creativity
and supporting emerging talent in the fields of fine art, music and literature in each of the 23 countries where it operates. Through new artistic figures and contemporary expressions, UniCredit Group sees an opportunity to change the way people think, to open minds, to promote intercultural cooperation and to generate fresh energy throughout its own organization and communities.


The Group has become the Production Partner in the seventh Manifesta, a biennial devoted to young talent and to the concept of a shared European cultural identity. Through its support, UniCredit Group will contribute to the development of many innovative artistic works in addition to supporting this festival, which will energize the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano from July to November. Manifesta reaffirms this region's leading position in the world of culture on an international scale.


In 2004, beginning in Italy, UniCredit Group launched UniCredit & Art. This program was designed to nurture young talent through the support of long-term projects in partnership with leading members of the art community. Since its inception, the program has been extended to Austria, Germany and to the new European Union member countries such as Poland, Czech Republic and Turkey.


For UniCredit Group, involvement in the art world means much more than just expanding its art collection - which currently comprises more than 50,000 works, ranging from significant Mesopotamian artefacts to cutting-edge contemporary work. It means developing a common strategy with partners in the art world and making use of its significant infrastructure, people and skills in order to promote territorial development through culture. When viewed from this perspective, the creation of new works of art helps to foster creativity and research. It is a sure path to galvanizing communities to view society and the world at large in a new light.


In addition to the Group's intensive involvement in the promotion of the Biennial, it is providing direct support for the development of works by Alterazioni Video and Luca Trevisani - which will be on display in Rovereto - and by Pietro Roccasalva - which will be on display in Trento.


With its international scope and strong local roots, UniCredit has chosen to partner with Manifesta because the Group has recognized the region of Trentino-Alto Adige / Südtyrol as a vital example of the synergies between art, culture and territorial development. These synergies can be seen in the area's renowned venues for the creation and dissemination of culture - the MUSEION of Bolzano, the Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art of Trento, and the Mart of Trento and Rovereto.

The Group has been the major partner Mart of Trento and Rovereto since 2005, with strong involvement in the museum's contemporary art programs.

The Biennial is being covered by UniNews, the online magazine of UniCredit Group, in a series called "Manifesta Countdown". To date, the magazine has conducted interviews with all the leading figures of the festival, including many of the artists and the local organizers.

Manifesta is an important part of UniCredit Group's focus on the Art Experience - looking at contemporary art as an instrument to bring people together and promote exchange and dialogue. Entry to the Biennial is free for all UniCredit Group employees. Special guided tours led by the staff of UniCredit & Art have been scheduled for the exhibition locations in Rovereto.