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Press Release

UniCredit S.p.A. discloses the following information on request of Consob pursuant to article 114(5)(a) of Legislative Decree 58/1998 and in relation to the news published on April 5, 2017 concerning the rejection by the Conferenza di Servizi at the Lazio Region Planning and Transport Department of the "Roma Stadium" project:

1. As regards the exposure of this bank to A.S. Roma, it is noted that UniCredit SpA has not had any lending relationship with A.S. Roma since August 2013, sold its last share capital of that company in August 2014 and has never had lending relationships with the current controlling group of A.S. Roma. For the sake of full disclosure, it is noted that beginning in February 2015 the subsidiary UniCredit Bank AG acted as agent for a loan granted by third parties to A.S. Roma. It is therefore confirmed that there is currently no lending relationship between UniCredit Group and A.S. Roma.


2. As regards the "other proponents of the Roma Stadium Project and the companies of the controlling group", UniCredit only currently has lines of credit with Eurnova, owner of the land on which the development in question was planned, for not material total amount of around ten million euros, mainly secured by collateral.


3. As regards the exposure to the Parsitalia group, which as far as UniCredit is aware is not financially involved in the "Roma Stadium" Project, this currently amounts to 130 million euro and therefore for UniCredit can be categorized as low-risk.


4. As regards the lines of credit granted by UniCredit to the Capital Dev group, it is noted that this stood at around 460 million euros in November 2016, the date on which the "debt-to-equity" swap involved in the restructuring process of the Parsitalia group took effect, whereby Capital Dev became part of the consolidation of the UniCredit group. The recoverability of this amount is dependent on the increase in the value of the assets.

Finally it is worth noting that Capital Dev is not in any way involved in the "Roma Stadium" Project.




Milan, 10 April 2017






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