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Composition of share capital and Amendment of Articles of Association

UniCredit inform you that, following the scrip dividend transaction resolved on by the Extraordinary Shareholders' meeting held on April 14th, 2016, and carried out by means of the assignation of Company new ordinary shares and saving shares to the shareholders having a right to the dividend who had not opted for the cash payment, the capital increase was of Euro 548,551,596.24, corresponding to no. 198,646,706 ordinary shares and no. 44,219 saving shares. Therefore the new Bank share capital amounts to Euro 20,846,893,436.94, divided into no. 6,180,343,073 shares with no nominal value, of which no. 6,177,818,177 ordinary shares and no. 2,524,896 saving shares.


We inform you that the entry into the Companies Register took place on May, 5 2016.


This is to inform you that the new text of the Articles of Association is now published on the company website at, on the website of the Borsa Italiana S.p.A. (  and on the authorized storage mechanism managed by BIt Market Services S.p.A. (


Link UniCredit SpA:




Current share capital

Shares with no nominal value

previous share capital

Shares with no nominal value



No. of shares


No. of shares







ordinary shares

  (regular entitlement 1/1/2016), current coupon no. 6





savings shares n.c.

  (regular entitlement 1/1/2016), current coupon no. 6







UniCredit S.p.A



Milan, May 5th 2016





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