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Notice of publishing

UniCredit S.p.A. ( the "Company") informs you that it has seen to the drawing up of an Information Document, prepared pursuant to Articles 34-ter, paragraph 1 (l), and 57, paragraph 1(e), of the Consob Issuers Regulation, (the "Information Document") in relation to the distribution of a dividend from profit reserves in the amount of €0.12 per share (both ordinary and saving) in the form of a scrip dividend to be carried out by means of the assignment of both ordinary and saving shares, newly-issued by the Company, to the shareholders having a right to the dividend approved by the Shareholders' Meeting held on April 14, 2016, or, in case the shareholders waive the assignment of the shares, of the attribution of the dividend in cash.


The new ordinary and saving shares will be issued in implementation of a capital increase for no consideration, according to Article 2442 of the Italian Civil Code, resolved on by said Shareholders' Meeting for maximum no. 255,755,107 ordinary shares and maximum no.45,938 saving shares respectively. This number may be subject to amendments following the verification and possible rectification of the assignment value which will be determined for each class of shares, in proximity of the date of assignment of the dividend itself, in compliance with the terms and procedures described in the Information Document and will be disclosed to the market with a press release.


A shareholder that wishes to waive the assignment of the shares and receive the scrip dividend in cash shall inform the Company of this choice, through its intermediary depositary, starting from April 19th until April 26th 2016. Those shareholders entitled to the right will receive on the payment date, which is expected to be 3 May 2016, the newly-issued shares on the basis of the Assignment ratio approved by the Shareholders' Meeting - with the exception of the adjustment mechanism above -, or, in case the assignment of such shares is waived, the scrip dividend in cash.


The Information Document is publicly available on the Issuer's website and is available, in printing, free of charge, both at its Registered Office in Via Alessandro Specchi 16, 00186 Rome, and at the Issuer's Head Office in Piazza Gae Aulenti 3 - Tower A, 20154 Milan.


A printed copy of the Information Document will be given free of charge to any entitled Shareholder who asks for such copy.



Milan, April 15, 2016                                          





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