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UniCredit: 2015 EU-wide Transparency Exercise

UniCredit notes the announcement made today by the European Banking Authority (EBA) regarding the information of the EU-wide Transparency Exercise 2015, in accordance with EBA Board of Supervisors' decision taken on 21 April 2015, involving 109 banks of which 94 under Single Supervisory Mechanism.

Background 2015 EU-wide Transparency Exercise

In July 2015 European Central Bank informed UniCredit about the decision of EBA to carry out a Transparency Exercise (TE) in line with the one conducted in 2013. The exercise aimed at assuring a sufficient and appropriate level of information to market participants.

The 2015 Transparency exercise covers two reference dates: 31 December 2014 and 30 June 2015.

The majority of  2015 EU-wide Transparency Exercise's data relies on the information reported to the EBA through the regular supervisory reporting data.

List of information provided

The following set of information was collected for disclosure:

  1.    Composition of capital [1]
  2.    Composition of RWA by risk type [2]
  3.    Composition of Profit & Loss (P&L)
  4.    Market risk exposure
  5.    Credit risk exposures displayed by regulatory approach (A-IRB, F-IRB, STA)
  6.    Exposures to sovereigns (direct and indirect exposures by maturity buckets and country)
  7.    Information on performing and non-performing exposures
  8.    Forborne exposures
  9.    Leverage ratio
  10.  Information on collateral related to mortgage loans


Milan, 24th November 2015



[1] Current capital definition augmented by information in accordance with EBA's capital preservation recommendation.

[2] Credit risk, market risk, securitisation, other credit risk, operational risk, transitional floors and others



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