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UniCredit: Capital increase post issued performance shares

UniCredit informs on the new composition of share capital (fully subscribed and paid-up) as result of increase in capital of Euro 654.227,50 issued pursuant resolution passed by the Board of Directors on June 23rd 2009 pursuant to powers conferred by the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting on May 12th 2006 corresponding to n. 1,308,455 to be allotted to Management of the Holding Company and of Group banks and companies who hold positions of particular importance for the purposes of achieving the Group's overall objectives.

The resolution passed by the Extraordinary Shareholders meeting has been filed with the Company Register on 30 June 2009.


                                  Current share capital                                              previous share capital

                                                                             Par value: € 0.50


                                               Euro                         n° shares                        Euro                                   n° shares

                                       8,389,869,514.00           16,779,739,028           8,389,215,286.50                   16,778,430,573


* ordinary shares *       8,377,750,022.50            16,755,500,045              8,377,095,795.00                16,754,191,590

(regular jouissance 

1/1/2009), share 

coupon: 30          

* saving shares n.c.     12,119,491.50                24,238,983                      12,119,491.50                           24,238,983
(regular jouissance 


share coupon: 30 





UniCredit S.p.A


Milan, 30th June, 2009




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