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"Below the Surface": the June issue of UniCredit Group Investment Strategy's Monthly Outlook is out!

“Below the Surface”: the June issue of UniCredit Group Investment Strategy’s Monthly Outlook is out!


When we take out the most volatile components, what is surprising about the Euro inflation chart is not the absolute value of almost 4%, which is the highest level since the euro was introduced, but the speed with which we have moved from an average inflation regime of 1.5% lasting almost ten years to where we are now. 


If we look closer, we can see this price race began in the summer of 2021, when lockdowns were lifted in most developed countries and consumers were finally able to venture outside their homes again and resume spending. 


It is vital to understand the causes of this sudden transition from a sustained deflationary regime, which we enjoyed during the decade before the pandemic, to one marked by much higher rising average price levels to understand what changes we need to make to our financial investments.


In this edition of the Monthly Outlook, UniCredit's Group Investment Strategy specialists dive "below the surface" of the current scenario and consider investment opportunities in view of an upcoming improvement.


Monthly Outlook