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UniCredit, partner of Green Pea

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Green Pea is the first shopping hub in the world dedicated to respect for nature.


It is a place where using and purchasing products - created in harmony with the Earth, Air, Water and People - is no longer felt as a duty but becomes a pleasure.


Based on an idea of Eataly founder Oscar Farinetti, the store will open on 9 December in Turin as the first site of an initiative which is expected to expand around the world








Green Pea is located at Lingotto in Turin, next to the first Eataly marketplace opened in Italy.


A building of 15,000 square meters over 5 levels, 4 of which are dedicated to the shop and the fifth to creative idleness, with a swimming pool, spa and cocktail bar.


From duty to beauty: 5 floors aimed at changing the relationship with energy, movement, interior decor, clothing and leisure.




Green Pea brings together a group of partners who share the value of Respect for Nature while, at the same time aiming to build sustainable, long-lasting, recyclable products, in line with the principles of beauty and originality of the premium Made in Italy brand.


These companies are mostly Italian; however Green Pea is open to foreign partners providing they share its principles.


There are over 100 partners and a green pea appears on every product sold.


The goal is to have experiences, events and all the services necessary for realizing the beauty of Green living in one single location. There will be 66 shops, a museum, 3 catering outlets, a swimming pool, a spa and a club dedicated to Creative Idleness .


In total, there are 72 places of Beauty and Respect where one can discover products designed to last a long time, and once these products have reached the end of their lives, they can be reused or recycled. For Green Pea, the longevity of products is one of the fundamental aspects of sustainability.





The pea is spherical like the Earth, green as the Earth should become, and from the earth the pee is born. Hence the choice of the logo that distinguishes the initiative.




It is a 100% eco-friendly project that uses reclaimed wood from two harmonic forests of Val di Fiemme and Belluno area, the woods of the master luthiers which were destroyed by the October 2018 storm.


The floor is made of reclaimed wood from the Val di Susa.


The project fully respects the philosophy of second life: everything can be dismantled and the materials, steel, iron and glass, are recyclable. It reduces pollution by 88% using airlite paint.


The building is powered by geothermal wells, photovoltaic and solar panels, elements for the collection of wind energy and for the recovery of kinetic energy.


2,000 trees and plants form an integral part of the project.





Inside Green Pea, UniCredit has created the Greenhouse, a structure in which, through digital videos, we will present our offer of sustainable products and services.


UniCredit, in line with our guiding values of Ethics and Respect, have decided to join the initiative by placing ourselves among its main partners.


We uphold our daily commitment to 'Do the right thing!' for all our shareholders, customers, employees, communities and the environment.


Sustainability has long been a part of our DNA, integrated into our corporate strategies in terms of human, social and environmental capital.




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