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UniCredit at SIBOS 2019

UniCredit at SIBOS 2019



This year's conference theme - thriving in a hyper-connected world - recognises the challenges, and opportunities that mass digitisation and data-driven relationships present for the Sibos community. Sibos 2019 explored the impact of new technologies on infrastructures, value propositions and business models and identified the culture, skills and working practices that organisations need to maximise the potential of both human and machine capabilities.


The financial flows are fully embedded in a connected ecosystem, but keeping the momentum needs vision, determination and collaboration from the banking industry. This is the value of a conference like Sibos, annually organised by SWIFT* for the financial industry. which tackles industry issues, leadership skills and motivational techniques within the framework of payments, securities, cash management and trade.

For UniCredit it is a unique occasion to meet many banks, fintechs and IT providers, from all over the world. The Conference hosted in London from 23 to 26 September was attended by more than 9000 delegates from over 200 countries.

To keep the established role in such a complex change, UniCredit was present  with a joint delegation from CIB, UniCredit Services and CEE, led by Co-CEO of Commercial Banking CEE and SWIFT Board Member, Gianfranco Bisagni and GTB Head Luca Corsini. The participation jointly Business Lines and UniCredit Services represents a valuable advantage in terms of new business opportunities and in tackling new projects, products and services from their early stages.


"Views from the top"

This year's Sibos has introduced a range of new conference streams to facilitate high quality learning, conversations and business development opportunities. The focus was on delivering thought leadership opportunities and, in particular, Jean Pierre Mustier has been invited to speak at the conference series "Views from the Top" where delegates heard insights from some of the most respected, knowledgeable and interesting people from the financial industry and beyond.

"Thriving in a hyper-connected world" was this year´s main theme which was broadly represented during the Conference program: from Enhancing digital ecosystems to leveraging data and keeping ahead of cybersecurity threats; from adapting to geopolitical and regulatory priorities to exploring the human element. All themes that examined how this critical human and machine collaboration can capitalise on data as the lifeblood of the modern financial services ecosystem.

Many conversations and debates have highlighted that Big Data are settled as the most used advancement in the current year and AI is going to be deployed for various uses even further going forward. The use of application programme interfaces (APIs) has started already and in a short-term APIs will have a more and more significant role in managing the financial needs of consumers along with supply chains systems


Furthermore, our CEO, Jean Pierre Mustier, was invited as speaker where leading CEOs from the financial industry, and inspiring speakers from other disciplines, delivered a series of keynote speeches and fireside chats on industry trends and techniques. The unrivalled role of UniCredit in Europe and beyond was broadly highlighted by our CEO in his speech which focused on the industry transformation, innovation and SMEs.


"SMEs represent 60-70% of the jobs in Europe" #SMEs are essential to European economies but struggle to expand cross-border. They need banks to help them with their international development.

Jean Pierre Mustiere - CEO UniCredit


Day 1 interviews

Julia Romhanyi - Head of Global Securities Services

Day 2 interviews

Raphael Barisaac - Global Co-Head of Trade and Working Capital Solutions

Day 3 interviews

Interview with Cedric Derras - Global Head of Cash Management