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Diversity & Inclusion event on unconscious bias

Diversity & Inclusion event on unconscious bias

In UniCredit we strongly believe in diversity and we are committed to our employees to promote a culture of respect and valorization of it. 


As part of this commitment, the UniCredit Diversity Network arranged training seminars on the topic of Unconscious Bias and Personal Leadership in different countries where the bank is present.

Unconscious bias training programs are meant to gain self-awareness and insight into the way thinking, acting and taking important decision during life. Indeed as human beings, we make predictable errors in reasoning which can result in unjustifiable conclusions and irrational behaviour. To guard against making errors in judgement, having a sense of how they can occur is key.

The main goals of such programs are helping every individual to discover and understand the complexities that make up each one of us and why we make the decisions we do. Once we understand more about how and why the brain works as it does, there are a range of 'healthy thinking' tools that can be employed to retrain our thought process and ultimately our actions.


"The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend"

All business and competence lines in London have been invited. Over 100 women and men of different ethnics and cultures followed the invitation.


External practitioner Andi Keeling, took the audience on a journey of self-awareness and insight into the way we think, act and how we make decisions in our working and personal lives. With over 30 years corporate experience, Andi Keeling works with individuals and organisations to create inclusive leadership teams and to improve employee and client engagement.