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WeFly - Your career to the next level

WeFly: Taking women’s careers to the next level
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Taking women's careers to the next level: Valore D presents today the first international cross-company mentorship programme dedicated to talented women. Thanks to WeFly®, powered by UniCredit, 71 Italian mentees will take part in a professional empowerment pathway.


Since 2009, Valore D has been promoting gender balance through more inclusive corporate cultures, to ensure that Italy and its businesses grow.

The Wefly® programme, set up by Valore D and powered by UniCredit, will engage women who are middle managers, to support them in exploring more international careers. Through cross-country mentoring, the participants will experience different professional cultures, helping to enrich their management styles. The project will also identify opportunities for networking and the exchange of ideas between companies and countries.

Wefly® will involve 142 people from 47 international companies. The mentors taking part in the programme are both men (54%) and women (46%) with a strong international career experience (25% currently work in other countries, mainly in Northern and Central Europe). The mentees are all Italian women, with an average age of 39. This typically represents a critical period for their career progression, linked to the significant challenge of finding a good balance between work, private life and leadership growth.


The programme will be supported by Methodos, a management consulting company, established in 1979 in Milan, specialised in human cultural change.

The match between mentors and mentees was defined through a tailor-made interview process, to ensure the best matches in terms of personal attitudes and professionals goals.
At the kick-off event in Milan, mentors and mentees are provided with specific training and tools to help them be effective throughout the programme. The project will last seven months with seven meetings, during which each pair will be supported by a Methodos coach.
UniCredit has selected 25 mentors and 25 mentees to join the programme.


The effectiveness of this project will be monitored with a focus on measuring the level of satisfaction of all participants as well as the achievement of specific goals set at the beginning of the process.

"We are proud to work with Valore D, a respected leader in promoting gender balance. Diversity and inclusion have become key for companies, bringing higher profitability, a better working environment and better risk mitigation and management. For diversity to work, we must all ensure a positive and inclusive workplace, where all differences are respected - whether they be talents, skills or experiences. WeFly is a great opportunity for both mentees and mentors to learn from each other, while specifically supporting women with talent to maximise their capabilities and progress in the organisation. In UniCredit, we have promoted internal mentoring for years as a key leadership development resource, to help build more effective leaders." Jean Pierre Mustier, CEO, UniCredit Group.

"Even today, some women step back from new career challenges, partly due to a lack of leadership models enabling them to be self-confident and ambitious without feeling inadequate in their personal lives" - commented Paola Mascaro, President of Valore D and VP Communications & Public Affairs GE Italy and Avio Aero. "With this program, we aim to give over 71 Italian women new wings to fly with: the courage to believe in themselves and build a solid professional path."

Diversity is the winning recipe in order to deal with human cultural change.