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An aquarium made in Italy to the Caucasus: SACE and Unicredit support Clax Italia's export to Georgia

An aquarium made in Italy to the Caucasus: SACE and Unicredit support Clax Italia's export to Georgia

Guaranteed orders for € 2 million aquarium at Tbilisi



Thanks to the insurance-financial support of UniCredit and SACE, which with SIMEST forms the export and internationalization hub of the CDP Group, Clax Italia will export two methacrylate cylinders to Tbilisi for building a large aquarium worth € 2 million, intended for one of the most important hotels in the Georgian capital.


Demonstrating growing economic dynamism and attention to exploiting the value of its landscape, the Caucasian country offers interesting opportunities in the tourism sector from hotels to restaurants. To develop and support this sector, the government has promoted a new investment plan, called "Check-in Georgia". The country has also intensified relations of commercial cooperation with Europe, particularly with Italy, now its no. 3 trading partner.


As part of the initiative, SACE has guaranteed a performance bond, issued by UniCredit, guaranteeing proper execution of the order by Clax Italia. Collaboration between SACE and the Lazio-based SME has existed for years and has enabled the company to export its products to all the continents. Clax Italia has also used SIMEST's "Program for entering non-EU markets" to access low-interest loans for internationalization.  The SACE SIMEST instruments often are essential, especially for small and midsize firms, in order to find the right guarantees for operating in the more complex foreign markets.


Founded at Pomezia in 1994, Clax Italia is specialized in the production of standard blocks and sheets and large acrylic blocks for aquariums. The company has supplied its products to prestigious structures such as the Science Museum of Miami, the Busan aquarium in South Korea, the Poema del Mar aquarium at Las Palmas, The Two Ocean Aquarium in Capetown, The Tisch Family in Gerusalemme, Nausicaa in France, and many others.