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Consumer Electronics Show 2018 to feature first-ever Italian mission of innovative startups

Consumer Electronics Show 2018 to feature first-ever Italian mission of innovative startups

50 exceptional startups representing Italy at world showcase of technological innovation


Mission at CES coordinated by public-private delegation of Italy's first national digital hub  and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development



This week, Italy's most innovative startups are at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas, for a unique opportunity to showcase their work to the global market.

Fifty Italian companies will be featured at Eureka Park, the CES exhibit area where startups launch their new products, services or ideas. This first-ever Italian mission to CES is being led by Italy's first national digital hub, Teorema Engineering and AREA Science Park (TILT), which was founded to promote information technology startups.


CES, which in 2017 had over 180,000 visitors and 60,000 international representatives representing 158 countries, is one of the most important events dedicated to innovation in the world. International startups are seizing on the opportunity to be in the spotlight; in 2017, the French delegation was the event's second largest in size, while Italy did not send a delegation. This year, however, from today until January 12, Italy's best startups are making themselves known, introducing themselves and making professional connections from all over the world.


The Italian mission, entitled "Made in Italy, The Art of Technology" is located at booth 52443 Sands G, Eureka Park.


CES 2018 attendees can also meet these Italian startups at the delegation cocktail party on Wednesday, January 10 at the Venetian Hotel, from 8:30 p.m. Each startup has its own creative story, complete with fascinating projects in the works, strong expectations, and future prospects. The party, organized by Teorema and the Institute of Foreign Trade (ICE), will serve as a platform for networking and dialogue between the members of the Italian mission at CES and international professionals.


Michele Balbi, President of Teorema Engineering, said: "We have talked too much about the isolation of Italian companies or even our absence at the global level. We have excellent entrepreneurs, but very few are recognized around the world. We are committed to changing this situation. While at CES we have created an important space to do this, it is just one of many essential steps to renewing the competitiveness of Italian companies. Together with the inclusion of technological and digital skills, this effort can no longer wait. We must extend traditional products with digital components, integrate new operating methods facilitated by new technologies into production processes, help companies reach new customers via the web and new devices, make assets out of collected (or collectable) data. These are essential components for the success of our companies at national and international levels. This is the dream we cultivate, and which we pursue with passion and with all our energies. We hope that this first Italian mission, the result of a virtuous public-private partnership, is the first step to giving our nation as a whole a key role in the market of new technologies, which is increasingly important for the creation of value and places of work."


Stefano Casaleggi, General Manager of AREA Science Park, said: "When we decided Italy must participate at CES, we knew we were facing a great challenge. Being able to transform an idea into reality is a great satisfaction for us. In a short time, we managed to gather partners at the national level and get the interest of Italian startups with great potential for development. But this is only the beginning. With the mission at the Consumer Electronic Show, TILT is positioned to be a growth channel for an Italy that combines a strong technological talent with creativity - those have always been qualities of our country.


Giovanni Ronca, Co-Head of UniCredit for Italy said: "Our bank's participation in the Italian delegation is a source of great pride. UniCredit Start Lab was responsible for selecting the best startups and giving them the opportunity to show off at the prestigious CES in Las Vegas. Joining this initiative confirms our constant attention to the world of innovation, supporting our business and our customers. Since its inception, UniCredit Start Lab has aimed to identify and support Italian excellence in the world of innovation. Thanks to the cooperation of more than 200 partners and numerous road shows throughout Italy, we have over the years evaluated over 3,400 business plans and enabled over 190 startups and young entrepreneurs to receive targeted mentoring, training and network development initiatives with companies and investors. Participation in the CES will further enrich the network of opportunities for participants in this initiative of our bank. "

The Italian mission was launched by the founders of TILT out of concern for the lack of an Italian presence at the CES. Their effort to bring Italian startups to Las Vegas received immediate support from business associations and entrepreneurs around Italy.

The mission's promotion committee is comprised of TILT, UniCredit StartLab, Italia Startup (the main association of Italian incubators, accelerators and startups), e-Novia, and Industrio. It collaborates with APSTI (Associazione dei Italian Scientific and Technological Parks), receives support from the CRUI (Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities), and its organizational secretariat is arranged by the World Trade Center Trieste.


The mission is under the patronage of Italy's Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) and receives some collaboration from ICE.


Startups were carefully selected for the Italian delegation with input from prominent representatives of the world of research and innovation, including Professor Maurizio Fermeglia, Rector Magnificus of the University of Trieste, and the General Manager of AREA Science Park, Stefano Casaleggi.

Here is the list of Italian startups at CES 2018:


Agricolus is an ecosystem of cloud applications for precision agriculture.


Avanix designs and develops wearable and wireless electronic devices that aim to improve the quality of life and simplify interaction between people.


Beltmap is the digital mapping service for people who are blind or visually impaired, enabling them to orient themselves through vibrations and audio signals.


Blubrake develops electronic control systems to assist bike riders during braking maneuvers.


Egohealth deals with the development, production, engineering and marketing of innovative products and services with a high technological content in the biomedical field.


Emoj uses advanced emotional data analytics and intelligence technologies to activate real-time space reactions so that integrated services can be provided to customers.


Evensi is the largest platform for discovering events all over the world.


GipsTech develops and markets micro-localization technologies, aiming to extend location beyond the reach of GPS.


Graffiti for Smart City deals with research and innovation for architectural products that combine technological solutions aimed at revitalizing the urban spaces of large cities.


HiRide develops innovative electronic shock absorbers for mountain bikes, e-bikes, road bikes.


Iooota wants to become the point of reference for a new concept of "domestic assistant.

IoTT Innovations Ltd is the first company accredited by TIM IoT Open Lab and operates in the increasingly critical area of ​​the Internet of Things.


Indigo AI is an IA platform that uses chatbots and machine learning to automate personalized experiences between companies and customers.


Innaas creates intelligent agents to save time and simplify processes, whatever the type.


Lumi Industries is providing a real revolution in the world of 3D printing to generate benefits for everyone.


MyAir has created a product designed to meet the needs of drivers by geolocating their vehicles, managing business trips, monitoring fuel consumption, and checking against malfunctions and breakdowns.


Netgrid is presenting WOOLF®, the first wearable device that uses the IoT to support motorcyclists, warning them well in advance of the presence of dangerous points and road sections where speed must be controlled.


NUWA Technologies provides a social web services platform that connects professionals and artists in the world of music at a global level.


Officina focuses on gamification (engagement, involvement and motivation of people) information technologies; it is presenting its event-sharing social app in Las Vegas.


Proxy42 designs and builds gaming platforms for smartphones using modern augmented reality technology, to allow users to organize and meet virtually and physically through gaming communities.


Recu aims to detect dangerous sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea and improve the quality of life of millions of people.


ShargeMe solves and evolves the concept of electric recharging for owners of electric vehicles, offering the possibility to connect to each other in real time via the web or mobile app.


Spirugrow provides the super foods of the future in the freshest and purest forms possible, ensuring

direct control of production quality with the help of modern technology.


UPSens develops products that improve quality of life with advanced wellness technology.


Verso ONE is an interactive ring that uses a series of sensors to track the movements and gestures of the fingers and the hand with a very high degree of accuracy and speed.


VinOled produces technological kits to make smart bags and suitcases with four functionalities: an LED light to illuminate the inside of the bag, a wireless device charger, a GPS to locate and track the movements of the bag, and an SOS button to call for help.


Vision Lab Apps specializes in developing augmented reality software and smart glasses.


Yape is a self-driving micro vehicle for fast home delivery in the city.


Zehus develops "smart wheels," intelligent wheels that help human and electric vehicles.