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UniCredit and Linea d'ombra announce "Stories of Impressionism" exhibition

UniCredit and Linea d’ombra announce 'Stories of Impressionism' exhibition

On April 4, the UniCredit Pavilion Greenhouse hosted the press conference announcing the latest project by Linea d'ombra that is celebrating 20 years of activity.

"Stories of Impressionism: The leading figures, from Monet to Renoir from Van Gogh to Gauguin,"
will show 120 works -- mostly paintings, but also photographs and engravings, from private collections and international museums - at the Santa Caterina Museum in Treviso from October 29, 2016 to April 17, 2017.

UniCredit CEO Federico Ghizzoni participated in the press conference, praising the cooperation between UniCredit and Linea d'ombra, which began in 2011. Both organizations, he said, share the same goal: bringing art to a broader, more diverse audience so that everyone can appreciate works of extraordinary beauty.

UniCredit is the main sponsor of this exhibition, curated by Marco Goldin, that will provide a privileged overview of Impressionism, the 19th century movement that continues to fascinate art lovers. This goes with UniCredit's commitment to cultural initiatives that promote development in the communities where the Group operates.

The exhibition will divide works into six sections representing the range of artistic production over the period. Particularly, it will highlight the influence of Japanese art on many of Impressionism's masters, who were exposed to engravings by Hiroshige and Hokusai. In this regard, a set of ten polychrome woodblock prints by Hiroshige, currently on long-term loan to the Museum of Oriental Art in Turin from the UniCredit Art Collection, will be transported to Treviso and featured in the show.

The Santa Caterina Museum will concurrently hold two other exhibitions: "Tiziano Rubens Rembrandt," which will contain three masterpieces on loan from the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh, and "From Guttuso to Vedova in Schifano," which will focus on Italian contemporary art.

Stories of Impressionism
Treviso, Santa Caterina Museum
October 29, 2016 to April 17, 2017

Opening times
Monday to Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Friday to Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Foto: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Mademoiselle Irène Cahen d'Anvers (La piccola Irene),1880 Zurigo, Fondazione Collezione E. G. Bührle