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Our commitment for the real economy: small enterprises talk

Our commitment for the real economy: small enterprises talk

The three Retail Banks (UniCredit Banca, UniCredit Banca di Roma and Banco di Sicilia) launched a new advertising campaign dedicated entirely to UniCredit's specific commitment to the country's real economy.


The new advertising campaign calls for several phases.


Loans to small and medium-sized businesses

The first phase, which was launched on April 20, aims to convey the UniCredit Group's commitment to support the real economy through testimonials of entrepreneurs with high-quality projects who received our loans, and who operate in sectors in which "made in Italy" items are famous worldwide, i.e., the agriculture and food sectors.


Three customers, one for each of the three retail banks were selected to tell how they pursued their development project:


  • Stefano Papini, an entrepreneur from Piedmont, obtained funding to expand his operations and spread the culture of artisan beer;
  • Giusy Albano, who produces oil and wine at his agricultural company in Puglia;
  • Dorotea Diquattro in Sicily wanted to grow her business in the area by focusing on research and innovation.


Imprendo Export

The second phase, which was launched on May 11, is focused on Imprendo Export, a unique product in the Italian banking industry which was created to assist small businesses in all phases of the internationalization process. UniCredit truly believes in the work of small companies and provides support in all phases of accessing new foreign markets thereby contributing to the country's development.

Once again, the testimonials selected are those of our customers - entrepreneurs that export Italian know-how abroad: from the quality of sherbet to almond cakes, from the art of hospitality to innovation in the development of electrical equipment:

  • Gianluigi Casalengo, who has opened doors to art and the culture of Ravenna in Europe;
  • Giuseppe Grigoul, from the Veneto area, has highlighted Italian business abroad with new equipment;
  • Federico Grom and Guido Martinetti, entrepreneurs from Piedmont, export excellence in the form of Italian gelato;
  • Luigi Falanga offers new recipes for Sicilian sweets.


Impresa Italia

Starting June 4, the focus of the press campaign shifted to Impresa Italia, the project whereby UniCredit, in collaboration with trade associations and through Confidi, has allocated €7 billion to improve the access of small and medium-sized Italian businesses to loans.

These loans have made it possible for small businesses (€3 billion to micro businesses and €4 billion to small and medium-sized businesses) to have the option to rely on short-term loans to enhance the management of the company's cash position, and medium- and long-term loans for the company to make its investments.

The customers who related their experience for this third phase were as follows:


  • Giuseppe Rinaldi, Delta Marine Operator - Rome Fiumicino
  • Biagio Casano, GE. DI COLOR - Palermo
  • Ezio Verardo, Penta Engineering - Genoa
  • Massimiliano Lorenzetti e Carlotta Casalini, Casalini & Co - Bologna


The advertising campaign will continue in future months with the presentation of new testimonials.




For further information:

Stefano Papini - Piedmont advertising copy 1637kB
Giusy Albano - Puglia advertising copy 1749kB
Dorotea Diquattro - Sicily advertising copy 1348kB
Gianluigi Casalengo - Emilia Romagna advertising copy 568kB
Giuseppe Grigoul - Veneto advertising copy 302kB
Federico Grom e Guido Martinetti - Piedmont advertising copy 896kB
Luigi Falanga - Sicily advertising copy 759kB
Giuseppe Rinaldi - Lazio advertising copy 1489kB
Biagio Casano - Sicily advertising copy 254kB
Ezio Verardo - Liguria advertising copy 1254kB
Massimiliano Lorenzetti e Carlotta Casalini - Emilia Romagna advertising copy 599kB