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The Future Is Now: Investing in Youth

The Future Is Now: Investing in Youth

Talent is not enough. Professional development for young artists means facing the outside world and promoting their potential to the utmost. In developing one's talent, a touch of the corporate sector can definitely make a difference.
From the art world to the business world and back, innovation is making its way to the heart of the academies of art. In Rome, a collaboration between the UniManagement Executive Learning Center and the Accademia Albertina brings the phrase "Shape Tomorrow Today" to life through a workshop conceived by managers to help young artists define their own futures.
The course represents a unique opportunity to learn methods of developing one's potential through an encounter with high-profile executives. Because an artist needs more than talent; an artist must learn to confront and manage the complexities that are inherent to attaining one's professional objectives. To develop the prerequisite skills, the UniManagement Leadership Development Center has launched this focused and innovative program, which will help youths plan their professional choices strategically. This management approach complements the artistic approach, thereby giving the young artists a competitive advantage, especially at the international level.
For another initiative aimed at youths enrolled in art academies, Bank Austria (a component of UniCredit Group), together with its Partner Ö1, received the Maecenas Prize last November for its Art & Media program. Their "Talent Exchange" concept began as a platform to generate visibility for young Austrian artists just completing their academic training. It introduces them directly into the world of art. The art academies select a number of students - in visual arts, music, design or cinema - and invite them to participate in this platform, leveraging their research and output through a variety of communication channels.
Support for young talent is closely tied to training. In Italy, at the Città dell'Arte Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella, within the framework of UNIDEE, the University of Ideas, the Bulgarian artist and curator Yana Kostova was awarded, by unanimous decision, a grant sponsored by the Group for young creative talents from Eastern Europe.
The program, involving youths from around the world, is designed to train a new generation of art professionals, otherwise called "enablers," who combine the traits and skills of artists, curators, entrepreneurs and social engineers. These enablers will be key agents in the development of a landscape in which culture serves as one element in a broad and sustainable social and economic development project. This is the future we are shaping today.

(picture : Workshop held at the UniManagement centre, Turin)