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East_Gate on Tour 2009

East_Gate on Tour 2009

Aside from streamlining and cost optimisation, the ability to open up to new markets as part of a genuine internationalisation strategy ensures companies greater competitive strength, risk diversification, and new business opportunities.


It is with this in mind that UniCredit Group is promoting "EAST_GATE on Tour", an initiative that offers business professionals all the benefits of the Group's experience and presence in Central and Eastern Europe with the aim of encouraging and accompanying the internationalisation of companies in this region.


After the experience gained at the first East Gate in Brescia in 2008, the Group decided to continue the initiative, outlining for 2009, with the concrete support of the UniCredit Territorial Committees network, a multi-staged tour to involve various Italian businesses.


"East_Gate on Tour 2009" is a platform of contacts and networking, a genuine "Gateway to the East" and the first important step towards verifying and tapping in to the international development potential of companies.


Organised in association with UniCredit Corporate Banking and UniCredit Banca, the event will run over two days. The first begins with an afternoon seminar, whilst the second will take the form of working sessions - genuine personalised meetings between UniCredit experts that work in EU countries where the Group is present, independent legal and tax consultants and local business professionals - and a private round table attended by authoritative representatives from trade associations in the region in question, chairmen of Chambers of Commerce, journalists and UniCredit bank representatives. Participants will be given a general outline - in Italian - of the competitive context in Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, and the chance to begin direct contact with these countries.


It is an extremely concrete approach, therefore, that provides information, ideas and basic contacts in order to launch the internationalisation process in Central and Eastern European countries.




The scheduled tour stops are:

  • Treviso, 23-24 April - Ca' Tron Auditorium- Via Boschi 10, Roncade (Treviso)
  • Reggio Emilia, 6-7 May - Reggio Emilia Trade Fair

To register or for more information:

Toll free number: 800 00 15 00 (from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., Monday to Friday)