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Press Conference on LANT srl Company

Press Conference on LANT srl Company

In the city hall, on 3rd July, LANT Srl, Information & Communication Technology Company was presented, promoted by Luserna city and by a local company (Euram Sas - Telecentro Valsugana, di Borgo Valsugana), with the cooperation of Trento-Bolzano UniCredit Territorial Committees and of the independent provence to facilitate.

The initiative represents the finalization of a project launched by Trento-Bolzano Committee, to fight against the depopulation of this mountain area, in particular young people and women depopulation, avoiding the dispersion and the impoverishment of a community, heir and keeper of an historic and linguistic heritage, unique in the alps region.

Lant has become an indipendent public-private fact that, only with women resources, has begun to act, offering data entry and contact center services to different organizations and companies, among which Seac, an information company and UPA (UniCredit Processes & Administration), a Group company.


Attended at the presentation: Lorenzo Dellai - Chairman of Trento Province; Luigi Nicolussi Castellan - Mayor of Luserna; Mariangela Franch - member of Trento-Bolzano UniCredit Territorial Committee, lecturer and deputy-chancellor of Trento University Economics Faculty and UniCredit Group representatives.