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The Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation’s 2011 Exhibition Season

  • 06

    April 2011
  • 17

    July 2011
Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milan  

From April 7 to July 17, 2011, Milan's Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation will be displaying Perino & Vele. Luoghi comuni (Perino & Vele: Common Places), an exhibition exploring 17 years of these artists' careers through 25 large works.


Using papier-mâché, Emiliano Perino and Luca Vele create objects familiar to everyday life that are then used to refer to current events, social conflicts and the distortion of reality by mass media. Their themes involve clear and often ironic criticism of corruption, violence, and social conservatism.


Luoghi comuni, a piece created for this show, opens the exhibition. It incorporates multiple street signs pointing in conflicting directions and speaks to seeking truth behind dark episodes in modern history such as the massacres of Capaci and Ustica. The final section of the piece focuses on antimilitarism and a condemnation of violence.


During the same dates, a solo show called Olga Schigal, Oltre le terre fredde (Olga Schigal: Beyond the Cold Lands) will be held in the UniCredit Project Room, a space reserved for promising new artists. Curated by Paola Boccaletti, this exhibition is of an installation that portrays the taiga ecosystem of Siberia in remarkable detail. Within the installation, reality and fantasy coexist, and visitors will notice a green railroad (emblematic of the Trans-Siberian Railway), a concrete balloon (a recovered toy), and a small house that represents the artist's own home.


Also on display during these dates, is a notable third exhibition at the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation: Dante's Inferno. Dalì and Rauschenberg, which offers an interesting reading of Dante's Inferno by making use of works by Salvador Dalì, Robert Rauschenberg, and a selection of contemporary artists.


UniCredit and the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation are partners. Together, we support cultural innovation and creativity, and we promote contemporary art and young talent.


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