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We Believe in Artists!

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February 2010

We saw the French artist Daniel Buren recently in Nuremberg, along with his beautiful installation involving the entire structure of the city's Neues Museum, which was curated by Angelika Noller - a member of the Scientific Commission of UniCredit & Art.  Buren has implemented site-specific projects around the world, from the Guggenheim in New York to the Palais Royal in Paris, among others.  The entrance to the MACRO, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, provides the artist's next target, thanks to the support of UniCredit Group.  Buren, who is also one of the foremost critics engaged in the debate on public art and the role of institutions, has created Losanges pour Deux Plans for the museum, an evocative composition of glass panels that will greet museumgoers starting March 10.


The project "Focus on Contemporary Italian Art," has been under way since 2007, thanks to a collaboration between the MAMbo and UniCredit Group designed to produce, promote and collect art by young Italians through an innovative model of corporate-institutional cooperation.  Now it has been enriched with new works from Francesco Jodice and Lara Favaretto.


With his "City Tellers" series, Jodice has gone on a journey to explore aspects of contemporary cities, including the new economy, alternative careers and new lifestyles.  Following his work on Sao Paulo, his two latest efforts created within the framework of this project, addressing Dubai and Kazakhstan, will be presented from April 22 at the MAMbo, and then at the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid.  Lara Favaretto will also participate in the event, presenting a work related to her installation at the last Venice Biennale.


From Bologna to Rome: After the interaction of the artist vedovamazzei with Raphael (2007), Giulio Paolini with Canova (2008), and Hans Op de Beeck with Correggio (2009), Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov was selected to explore and develop connections with the work of Caravaggio and Bacon within the framework of the "Committenze Contemporanee" project, which invites artists to experiment and revel in the great wealth of the Galleria Borghese's collection.


Conceived on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the reopening of the Galleria Borghese, Committenze Contemporanee is linked to the "Dieci Grandi Mostre" program.  The project consists of 10 exhibitions dedicated to the greatest artists represented in the gallery's collections, including Correggio, Titian, Bernini and Caravaggio, and it aims to spotlight the masterpieces of the past by promoting their study and analysis through the eyes of contemporary artists.  The result is not just food for thought, but also a creative exchange that enhances the vision of contemporary artists who seek out new stimuli for their work rooted in the past.


Supporting artists also means providing support to the overall art system, in which galleries play a crucial role.  After the Bologna Art Fair, the UniCredit & Art Scientific Commission selected new works for inclusion in the collection.  These pieces, by Italian and international artists, enhance a corporate collection that has steadily expanded along with the Group's growing commitment to culture.


Young artists represented in the new acquisitions include Fatma Bucak (born 1982), from Turkey, with her nine photos on "building as an exploration of social mechanisms, cultural legacies [and] the deep structures of personality," and Nestor Kovachev (born 1981), from Bulgaria, now based in Vienna, with a selection of his recent paintings.  International

artists represented include the sculptor Tobias Putrih, a major figure in the Slovenian Pavilion at the 2007 Biennale, German photographer Barbara Prost, and Georgi Bogdanov, from Bulgaria, in addition to the Italians Andrea Galvani, Davide Reimondo, Nicola Pecoraro and Marco Di Giovanni, who contributed a sculpture evoking a highly figurative vision.

(photo : Daniel Buren, Installation, The Colored Screens, 2007, Courtesy Bortolami Dayan Gallery, New York, 2004 © Daniel Buren)



MAMbo Bologna 

Galleria Borghese