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Invito a Palazzo 2009

  • 03

October 2009
Different venues, Italy  

Saturday, October 3, 2009 will mark the eighth annual "Invito a Palazzo," a nationwide event providing free public access to historic structures occupied by banking offices.  The initiative is organized by the Italian Banking Association (ABI) under the auspices of the President of Italy and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.


UniCredit Group is supporting this important initiative by inviting the public to visit its most esthetically significant buildings.  The program aligns with our company's strong belief in playing an active role in the social life of our communities as well as with our commitment to the conservation and appreciation of our shared artistic and architectural heritage.


The many beautiful and historic buildings that serve as the Group's offices fulfill the same purpose as the company's corporate Art Collection, which includes more than 60,000 pieces ranging from archeological finds to works by contemporary artists.  Together they are an expression of the history and identity of each of the banks that joined to form today's UniCredit Group.


The event will provide a unique opportunity to see the interiors of these historic buildings - as well as numerous artworks of various eras from our archives - most of which are in usually inaccessible working areas.  The program has evolved into a significant cultural event in Italy, representing an occasion for UniCredit Group to share its most important cultural assets with the public.


During "Invito a Palazzo," the public will also be able to view several temporary exhibitions.  For example, at Spazio Milano, inside the UniCredit Banca branch office on Milan's Piazza Cordusio, Claudia Losi's "Strip Maps: Look and Experience" will be open.  Also included in the day's activities are guided tours, meetings, discussion groups and  special performances.


The UniCredit Group offices that will be open to the public include:


  • Bologna, Palazzo Magnani, UniCredit Banca, via Zamboni 20
  • Genoa, Palazzo Cambiaso, UniCredit Banca, via Garibaldi 1
  • Milan, Palazzo del Credito Italiano, UniCredit Banca, piazza Cordusio
  • Palermo, Villa Zito, Fondazione Banco di Sicilia, via Libertà 52
  • Perugia, Palazzo Lippi Alessandri, UniCredit Banca di Roma, corso Vannucci 39
  • Rome, Archivio Storico, UniCredit Banca di Roma, piazza Monte di Pietà 33
  • Rome, Cappella del Palazzo del Monte di Pietà, UniCredit Banca di Roma, piazza Monte di Pietà 33
  • Rome, Palazzo De Carolis, UniCredit Banca di Roma, via Lata 3
  • Rome, Palazzo Mancini, Banco di Sicilia, via del Corso 271
  • Rome, Villino Casati, UniCredit MedioCredito Centrale, via Piemonte 51
  • Syracuse, Palazzo del Banco di Sicilia, Banco di Sicilia, piazza Archimede 7
  • Turin, Palazzo della Fortuna, UniCredit Private Banking, via Arsenale 21
  • Trento, Palazzo Firmian, UniCredit Banca, via Galilei 1
  • Treviso, Palazzo del Monte di Pietà, UniCredit Corporate Banking, piazza Monte di Pietà 3
  • Udine, Palazzo Strassoldo, UniCredit Banca, via Veneto 20
  • Verona, Palazzo della Direzione Centrale, UniCredit Credit Management Bank, piazzetta Monte 1


The buildings will be accessible from 10 am to 7 pm.




For further information, please visit the site