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"ArtePollino- Another South". Three contemporary artists in the region of Basilicata

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September 2009
Pollino National Park, Basilicata  

In July, the first edition of "ArtePollino - Another South" was opened in Pollino National Park, the largest national park in Italy.


In this groundbreaking initiative in the region of Basilicata, three prominent international contemporary artists - Anish Kapoor, Carsten Höller and Giuseppe Penone - were invited to create permanent, site-specific works in harmony with the light and colors of one of the most beautiful places in Europe.


The three masters of contemporary art realized their works in three stunning locales: Anish Kapoor in the thermally active area of Latronico, in the valley of the Sinni River; Carsten Höller in San Severino Lucano in the valley of the Frido; and Giuseppe Penone in Noepoli in the Sarmento Valley.The installations have been on view to the public since the end of July, and the opening ceremony will be held on September 5.


The core purpose of ArtePollino is to change the way local residents and visitors see the park and to highlight the first steps being taken in the larger effort to build a "new south." In support of this goal, teaching projects, workshops and educational seminars have been scheduled to encourage the full participation of the territory's inhabitants.


The artists were selected and invited by a prestigious scientific committee made up of Mario Cristiani, President of the Associazione Arte Continua; Vicente Todolì, Director of the Tate Modern gallery in London; Laura Barreca, a designee of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage; Emanuele Montibeller, Artistic Director of ArteSella; Catterina Seia, UniCredit & Art Project Manager; Gianpiero Perri, Director of the Agency for Territorial Promotion in the Basilicata Region; and Giuseppe Cosenza, Nicola Ferri, Davide Rossi and Vincenzo Vitale, connoisseurs of the Pollino area and members of the Associazione ArtePollino.


ArtePollino is a local development project and is part of the program "Sensi Contemporanei," promoted by the Regione Basilicata, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and the Venice Biennale Foundation; the program's aim is to enhance the environmental and cultural heritage of the Basilicata area in Pollino National Park through culture and contemporary art.



(picture: Giuseppe Penone, Vegetal Theatre, 2009. Diameter: 125 metres, vegetal and mineral elements. Project for "ArtePollino - Another South", Pollino National Park, Sarmento Valley, Noepoli (PZ). © PHOTO LOVISCO-LAURINO)




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