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"astrAzioni" Pino Rampolla's photographs exhibited at Spazio Milano

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    May 2009
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    June 2009
Milan, Spazio Milano  

Spazio Milano, the multi-purpose arts venue in the UniCredit Banca branch office in Piazza Cordusio, is showing Pino Rampolla's latest photography project, astrAzioni. The exhibit begins today.


The work of Pino Rampolla, a colleague of ours from UniCredit Banca di Roma, is on display as part of the Group's larger effort to encourage creative expression among our employees. To this end, UniCredit Group has devoted space in its flagship Piazza Cordusio branch, where the exhibition will accompany two additional programs: Milano Creativa and Dialoghi Internazionali.


The exhibition is comprised of a selection of 25 photographs from a research project done by Rampolla while "following" football players during their athletic performances and interpreting their ability to entertain football fans from all over the word.


The project was conceived and executed with the support of the Peter Pan Association, a home that provides hospitality services to children at the oncology ward of the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome.


The show's images are abstract representations of the players. Unrecognizable, the player's fame is reduced to the anonymous action of their athletic performance. In this way, the photographs do not depict false heroes. The artist also creates a dynamic context for each photo in which the bodies in motion are blurred and speak to notions of challenge and limitation.


The images give character to a true dimension of football and, in spite of their static quality, capture energy, speed, rhythm and the magic of the game.


Rampolla strengthens his physiological eye through that of the camera, which is able to catch not only images, but the movement and the invisible relationships between them. With reference to the modernist sensibilities of Balla, Boccioni and Bragaglia, the artist captures the intensity of the energy within a football match among competitive players.


All the images on exhibit were created with photographic film (color, negatives, slides and infrared) and without the aid of digital technology.



(picture: Pino Rampolla's work)



Pino Rampolla
Rampolla is a 58-year old Salernitan who lives in Ostia and works at UniCredit Banca di Roma.

Both in passion and profession, he has spent more than 14 years behind the camera.

He began as a press photographer in the editorial office of the newspaper Roma, and later worked for the publication Mattino in Naples.

Rampolla is an official photographer for the Italian National Football Team and has held two personal exhibitions on football that were presented to authorities in the gallery of the Olympic Stadium in Rome. In 1995, he won a national award organized by the Italian Olympic Committee for the year's best sports photograph and, in 2001, some of his works were exhibited in the Visual Arts section of the Rome Museum.

Rampolla has held 31 solo shows in several galleries and museums, won various national photography awards and is the author of numerous books on photography.

Rampolla has been a member of the National Journalist Association since 1993.


Spazio Milano
Located in UniCredit Banca's flagship branch office in Piazza Cordusio in the heart of Milan, Spazio Milano is an area dedicated to public gatherings, dialogue and reflection on themes that are important to our times and our region. Conferences, presentations, exhibitions, meetings and musical performances are some of the cultural activities that take place in Spazio Milano. This flexible multi-purpose space strives to always connect with the public and generate from the city innovative thoughts that can be transformed into additional instruments of communication.


The planning of Spazio Milano
The planning is curated by Catterina Seia, with the collaboration of Francesca Pagliuca, Claudia Mantovani and Annalisa Stabellini.

Upcoming events:

June 15 to July 17: a show dedicated to Bratislava-August '68 di Bielik, with the support of Associazione Allegra;

July to September: the Acrobazie project, in collaboration with Atelier di Pittura Adriano e Michele of the Fatebenefratelli of San Colombano al Lambro Hospital;

Starting in September: an exhibition of Claudia Losi, with works from the UniCredit Group Art Collection.




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