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The MART Museum celebrates the one hundredth anniversary of Futurism and the reopening of Casa Depero

  • 17

January 2009
MART, Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto  

The Futurist Manifesto dates back to 1909 The Movement was conceived, founded, and promoted by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, an intellectual and scholar actively involved at an international level.


One-hundred years after the drafting of the Manifesto of one of the most influential movements, both for the artistic scenario of the 1920s and for the whole 20th century, MART opens its 2009 exhibiting agenda with a great review of Futurism and its relations with the German and Russian Avant-gardes.


Supervised by Ester Coen, Futurismo 100: Enlightening. Comparing Avant-gardes. Italy - Germany - Russia studies relations with the artists that took part to the German art history of "Der Sturm", including Marc Chagall, Vasilij Kandinskij, Paul Klee, August Macke, Franz Marc, demonstrating the strong links between Futurism and the Country of Expressionism. On the other hand, the legendary journey of Marinetti to Russia in 1914 - of which Mart, in combination with the show, releases the first unpublished report seen through the eyes of Vladimir Lapšin, the Russian art historian from Moscow, who recently died - provides a common thread to analyze relations with the Russian cubist-futurist painters. In fact, a crucial interaction developed in Rome, Paris, and Moscow among futurist painters and Russian artists, from Mikhail Larionov to Alexandra Exter, from Natalia Goncharova to Olga Rozanova and many others.


The Anniversary of Futurism also offers the opportunity to celebrate the reopening - also on January 17 - of the Casa d'Arte Futurista Fortunato Depero, which remained closed for a lengthy restoration by architect Renato Rizzi. Rovereto thus recovers one of the city's cultural production centres, a completely refurbished museum space designed to present important items of the Depero Collection, including the large fabric inlays, which represent the most precious and most original wealth of his wide collection.


MART, a centre for the production and dissemination of culture and an important vehicle for German culture in Italy, shares multiple objectives with the Group: valorize the museum collection and collecting in general, enhance contemporary art as well as the historical heritage, promote young artists.


For 2009, the partnership between UniCredit and MART has been confirmed , after five years of co-operation on shows and special projects. With the Museum, the Group will develop, in particular, the production of catalogues to valorize and promote its research among a wider and wider audience.


(Photo: Giacomo Balla, La Guerra, UniCredit Group Collection, on display from January 28 to June 7 at the Palazzo Reale: "Futurism 1909-2009, speed + art + Action").


For further information, please visit the MART website: