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Munich: the new exhibition calendar at the Hypo-Kunsthalle

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February 2009
Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung, Munich  

The Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung has become established as one of the most active art centres in Munich. Founded and supported by HVB, a member of the UniCredit Group, it boasts 350,000 visitors annually and its agenda for 2009 is a tribute to the great names of Art History, including Masters of the past and of the present.


In co-operation with the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, the Kunsthalle presents for the first time a show that includes masterpieces of the Dutch School.


The Haarlem artists played a decisive role in the development of 17th century Dutch painting. More than 120 works bysuch artists as Goltzius, Hals, Ruysdael, Saenredam, Steen, and many others show how the art market developed at lay level and how artists started to specialize in such subjects as portraits, rural and urban landscapes, and still lives. The show features important loans, including first and foremost from the Frans Hals Museum collection, with masterpieces that were never exhibited before in Germany, as well as from prestigious public and private collections, from Europe and from the United States.


An artist, theorist, and philosopher, Jean Dubuffet was one of the most important figures for the development of 20th-century art. His pictures, produced by means of a wide variety of techniques and materials, were inspired by children's drawings, by primitive paintings, or by the works of mental disabled individuals. These special figurative forms stimulated Dubuffet to give life to new expression forms, moving from depiction to abstraction and back. The retrospective show includes important loans from the Langen Foundation in Neuss and, obviously, from the Dubuffet Foundation in Paris, as well as paintings, drawings, and prints from public and private collections.


The show continues with Alphonse Mucha, an Art Nouveau artist. Mostly renowned for the creation of posters and decorations, here Mucha is presented through his many-sided creative activity: prints, drawings, pastels, and large paintings will be shown to the public in all their beauty and eclecticism. Trained in Vienna, Munich, and Paris, during his career the artist developed a language that strove towards universalism, capable to become a message of reconcilement for nations and religions - as can be inferred from his works at the Bosnian Hall and at the Hall of Mankind, set up on occasion of the Paris Exhibition in 1900.


More than 200 items will be arranged in several theme-specific sections, including images for books and the well-known set of theatre posters dedicated to charismatic Sarah Bernhardt.


After the Hypo Kunsthalle, the retrospective show will move to the Belvedere in Vienna and to the Musée Fabre in Montpellier.


(The picture : Hypo-Kunsthalle, Monaco, © Markus Schlaf)


For further information please visit the Hypo-Kunsthalle website.