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The Giovanna Crivelli research scholarship in economic, business and financial subjects

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September 2008

UniCredit Group is pleased to announce the second competition for a research scholarship in economic and/or financial subjects, named after our late colleague Giovanna Crivelli.


The competition is restricted to graduates of an Italian university, whether or not Italian nationals, who have completed an economics or finance doctorate (Ph.D) at a university outside of Italy, and who are currently teaching, researching or studying outside of Italy but intend to continue their research at an Italian university.


The Board of Examiners will be composed of university professors expert in economic and financial subjects. In assessing a candidate, the Board of Examiners will take into account his or her academic transcript, letters of recommendation, published works and research accomplishments.


The scholarship will be awarded by the Chairman of UniCredit Group, on the basis of the final judgment of the Board of Examiners, by 15 April 2009 .


The scholarship will begin on 1 October 2009, and UniCredit Group will pay the winner an annual award of €60,000, before taxes and social security contributions.


The winner must transfer to one of the university departments - indicated in the attached file - and the department in question must have stated their willingness to accommodate him or her in continued research activities at that institution.


The scholarship is for two years and is renewable for an additional two years. At the end of the second year, one or more experts chosen by the Board of Examiners will assess the winner's research results. Based on this assessment, UniCredit Group will either extend the contract for the next two years or terminate it.


UniCredit Group may at its discretion offer work to the scholar with Group companies on subjects of interest to the Group related to the scholar's areas of research.

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