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Manifesta 7

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September 2008
Manifesta 7, Autonomos Provinces of Trento and Bolzano  

Manifesta offers us a further chance to show how business can cooperate with institutions and make a contribution to effective local development strategies when attention is given to art languages and the promotion of young creative resources.

Cohesive local authorities have made strong investments in culture-art and training and, during the Biennale, have shown an international public the quality of the outcome of their long-term strategy which has created a system with cultural bodies, private areas, associations, universities all contributing to producing and spreading ideas.

The efficacy of the steps taken in the preparation of the Biennale, which rallied a diversity of local players, went well beyond the time the Biennale was on. It generated a new awareness of the ability to produce quality which becomes deeply set in the local identity and acts as a spring board for new energies.

Manifesta marks a rediscovery of locations with a deep historic and symbolic value and has seen artists from the world over interacting. We have provided support to the new work of some of these artists.

The large Austrian fortress of Fortezza, saw three teams of curators collaborating on the production of Scenarios: a project marked by lights, words and sounds which touch emotions and the intellect. Set midway between the Brenner Pass and Bolzano, the huge structure with its exhibition rooms, corridors and passages will also be home to art events even after Manifesta

The former Peterlini 20th century industrial building, the 19th century tobacco factory and the train station (home to manifeSTATION, a project curated by Office for Cognitive Urbanism) will welcome Adam Budak's project. Budrak hails from Crocevia, but is now based in Graz where he is a curator at the Kunsthaus. His Principle of Hope reflects on regionalism as a mediator between local and global aspects, showing hope as a creative and emotive impulse for the future.

A 1930s rationalist building, the Palazzo delle Poste - the Post Office building - in Trento is the chosen venue for Anselm Franke's and Hila Peleg's project. He is the Artistic Director of the Antwerp Extra City Center for Contemporary Art, while she is an independent curator based in Berlin. Entitled The Soul, their exhibition is presented as a "history of ideas" which analyses, from the Council of Trent onwards, surges of the soul and the subconscious in light of external social and political influences.

Raqs Media Collective, a group of Indian artists as curators, has produced The Rest of Now in the former Alumix factory in Bolzano, a suggestive example of industrial archaeology. This exhibition gives over space to "left-overs", to what remains of energies and transformations, to traces, to memories.

The overall offer of the Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol region is "manifested" at a high level, with a view of a complementary programmes system. Mart at Trento and Rovereto (with whom we have been main partners since 2005, especially in the development of the contemporary section) with the Eurasia exhibition offers a look at young international artists enhancing research. While a show dedicated to the "New Leipzig School" presents the latest pictorial trends and evolutions of the genre. The "Transparent Cube" in Bolzano, the new home of  MUSEION, an avant-garde structure designed by Berlin architects KSV, was inaugurated with a rich exhibition entitled Sguardo periferico e corpo collettivo. The performance of The Rocky Mountain People Show is on at the Civic Contemporary Art Gallery in Trento with a programme of live events involving international artists.

Further information about the Biennale can be found on the UniCredit online magazine UniNews for the "Manifesta Countdown" publishing project which also has interviews with the leading lights of the Biennale, the artists and the main regional players. Manifesta is just one of the Group's Experience Art initiatives, which sees contemporary art as an internal communications instrument. All UniCredit employees are invited to visit the Biennale with their families with special guided tours with UniCredit & Art Staff in Rovereto.





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