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Focus on Contemporary Italian Art

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March 2008
MAMbo, Via Don Minzoni14, Bologna  

It opens the exhibtion of MAMbo and UniCredit's permanent collection

Started in 2007, the partnership between UniCredit and MAMbo has produced many projects by Italian artists invited to take part to important international events, with the aim of emphasize, promoting, and collecting the young Italian art, and support and promote the contemporary culture. From March 15th the spazio GAM opens in the Museum, it intended to host the Museum's collection and its new acquisitions, among them there are works produced thanks to the UniCredit Group and left on loan to the MAMbo's permanent collection.

On March 15th the new Museum of the city of Bologna — opened in May 2007 in the spaces of the Ex Forno del Pane — will celebrate a new exhibition space inside the Museum, the spazio GAM, especially dedicated to the Museum Collection which includes both historical pieces and new acquisitions, among them also works produced by UniCredit and and left on loan to the MAMbo's permanent collection.

The Group has designed with the Museum a three year program which invites Italian artists to produce collaborative international projects. The resulting commissioned works are now on loan to the museum's permanent collection. Among the artists invited in that programme Luca Pancrazzi, Loris Cecchini and Alessandra Tesi were presented at the Shanghai, Valencia and Moscow Biennales, Elisa Sighicelli, Lara Favaretto, Luisa Lambri, Eva Marisaldi, Patrick Tuttofuoco.

Thanks to the precious contribute of UniCredit Group and of the Region Emilia Romagna MAMbo has engaged new and important collaborations to support and promote the contemporary culture and keeps on updating its collection — which includes works of art referring to a wide range of time, from Eighteenth Century to present day — with new acquisitions.

The legacy of the Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Bologna is so integrated, updated, and emphasized thanks to a specific exhibition space inside the new Museum, the spazio GAM, that could allow a conscious and critical review of the Gallery's masterpieces. A particular attention will be dedicated to the culture and history of the region which Bologna is part of, and also to its great arts tradition.

The choice taken by the MAMbo is in unison with the UniCredit commitment that gives to the colletion a very important role in consolidating the Group's identity and being a communication and educationl tool for the employees as a way to get in touch with the community.

In addition that partnership between the UniCredit and the MAMbo is a significant example of an innovative way to order works of art, both for the corportate culture and for an istitution such a museum; in that kind of collaboration UniCredit and MAMbo have a common goal: support the Italian young art in the international context in order to reinforce our art system.