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UniCredit Group & AIRC - Discover the AIRC Healthy Oranges initiative on Saturday January 26

  • 26

January 2008

The partnership between UniCredit Group & AIRC continues in 2008.
A date with AIRC volunteers all over Italy. For just 8 Euro enjoy the fruits of a healthy diet whilst supporting cancer research.


For 19 years Sicilian red oranges have been chosen by the AIRC, the Italian Association for Cancer Research, to symbolise its first initiative of the year: the "Healthy Oranges" initiative.


Thanks to research we now know that 30% of tumours result from poor diets. To stay healthy, our daily preventative measure takes the form of a varied Mediterranean diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Sicilian red oranges are particularly recommended for cancer prevention - not only do they contain 40% more vitamin C than other citrus fruits, they are also rich in anthocyans, natural pigments that are incredibly effective in protecting us from tumours.


In exchange for a donation of just 8 Euro, 20,000 AIRC volunteers will be giving out 3 kilos of these healthy and delicious fruits, rich in strong antioxidants and excellent at helping to prevent the onset of cancer. The "Healthy Oranges" are kindly provided by Regione Siciliana.


Together with the oranges, you will also receive a publication containing useful advice from expert AIRC scientists and tasty recipes from Gambero Rosso: a combination of the beautiful, the healthy and the delicious to help protect us from cancer.


On Saturday 26 January there will be 450,000 bags of Sicilian red oranges with our names on them. 
Why don't you enjoy the fruits of a healthy diet too?






To find out where your nearest Healthy Oranges initiative is taking place:
call 840 001 001
visit the website