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The Dawn of Tomorrow

  • 26

March 2008
Museo Elgiz, Istanbul  

Proje4L Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul / Turkey - The Italian contemporary art is protagonist in Turkey with art works of UniCredit Group


Vanessa Beecroft and Francesco Jodice are the artists of the UniCredit Collection chosen to represent the Italian artistic scene in the exhibition staged at Proje4L / Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art in Istanbul, from 26th March to 26th April. As a part of a project focused on the relevance of private collections as a tool to promote and emphasize the artists' works, the show "The Dawn of Tomorrow / Contemporary Art in Italy from Italian Collections", curated by Vittorio Urbani, offers an interesting view of the art scene of our country through the choices made by a group of collectors, including UniCredit Group.


The UniCredit Collection, an identity asset and at the same time an instrument of dialogue with the employees and with the entire community, is one of the main tool of the strategic project UniCredit & Art which, since 2004, supports the Italian art system through partnerships with museums and institutions, special commissions and acquisitions, aimed at supporting the young art. The collection is constantly updated by the UniCredit & Art scientific committee, the works of the collection travel throughout Europe, and all over the world, through loans to prestigious international institutions; an example is the partnership with the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris. All these initiatives, combined with exhibitions in the branches, cultural activities hosted by Spazio Milano and virtual exhibitions, demonstrate the commitment to make the collection a dynamic legacy, in line with the values of innovation of the Group.


Under the Patronage of the Italian Embassy in Turkey and with the support of Nuova Icona, Venice, and UniCredit Group, the exhibition The Dawn of Tomorrow testifies the encounter and the exchange between the Italian and the Turkish cultures, both marked by a strong and rich tradition. In particular from the point of view of UniCredit this is significant in light of the joint venture with the Turkish Yapi Kredi Bank; in fact the Group is projecting towards emerging markets and developing countries, such as the Turkish one.


The exhibition, in addition to works by Beecroft and Jodice from UniCredit Collection, includes works by Letizia Cariello, Paolo Chiasera, Cuoghi Corsello, Flavio Favelli, Adrian Paci, Antonio Riello, Vedovamazzei and Francesco Vezzoli from the collections of Association ACACIA, Cilluffo - Chianale, Laura & Mauro Corinaldi, Marcello Forin, Marino Golinelli, Vezio Tomasinelli, Robert & Warli Tomei and Alessandro Valentinis.


On the occasion of the opening, March 26th at 18:00, a panel discussion on collecting will be held at the Museum, moderated by the curator of the show Vittorio Urbani. Among the speakers: Walter Guadagnini (President of the Scientific Committee UniCredit & Art), Melih Fereli, Mauro Corinaldi, Serhan Ada, Berla Madras and someone of the artists, with an introduction by Isin Onol, Project Manager for the Museum.


Proje4L / Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art in Istanbul is a museum set up in 2001 by Sevda and Can Elgiz, starting from their private collection: double goal of the museum is to facilitate the inclusion of contemporary Turkey in the international context and, at the same time, to introduce the importance of international art to the local audience.