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The photographer De Lonti in Paris

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August 2008
Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris  

With the photo "Viaggio in Italia, Benevento", from the series dedicated to the Giro d'Italia, Daniele De Lonti is a protagonist, from April 8th, at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie thanks to a partnership between the Paris centre and UniCredit Group.
This is the fourth step of the co-operation by which a work from the Group's collection is displayed in the prestigious centre every two months.
After Alain Fleischer, Olivo Barbieri, and Thomas Struth, a work by Daniele De Lonti now talks about the Group's commitment and about the contemporary art collection, characterized by a special focus on photography - the most effective language to talk about our time.


The collection of UniCredit Group, a major identity asset and, particularly, an irreplaceable tool to communicate with employees, customers, stakeholders, and the community at large, is valorized through a number of initiatives: online virtual exhibitions, set-ups in the UPB branch offices with the review Sharing Passions, exhibitions at UniCredit Banca's Spazio Milano, free loans that move the works all around the world as in this case, with a work by Daniele De Lonti on display at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris.


Daniele De Lonti belongs to the great tradition of Italian landscape photography, which he reinterprets through his own peculiarities: his look is attracted by the locations, architectures, scenarios, and inhabitants of our country, with special interest for subjects that are usually marginal, especially in media representations. For example, in the series dedicated to the Tour of Italy (to which the photo Benevento belongs), De Lonti "turns the viewers and the landscape into the true core of the image, while the race protagonists are mere luminous trails", as stressed by Walter Guadagnini, President of the Scientific Commission of UniCredit & Art, showing how De Lonti's logic reverses the hierarchy of the event with a focus on public spaces and the landscape.
De Lonti's research explores the wealth and complexity of our Country, stressing the importance of valorizing the territory in search of new images that bear a true significance for our history and traditions.







For further information:


La Maison Européenne de la Photographie


82 rue François Miron


75 004 Paris - France


Aurélie Garzuel

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