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Discover MAMbo, a museum for all five senses

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November 2008
MAMbo Museo d'Arte Moderna, Bologna  

UniCredit Group is committed to supporting educational projects that directly address the issue of diversity through the UniCredit & Art project.  Recent collaborations on diversity include a project with the Castello di Rivoli to assemble the first art dictionary for the deaf published entirely in sign language; a collaboration with Adriano & Michele Atelier of Painting at the psychiatric hospital of San Colombano al Lambro where once a year a professional artist is given the opportunity to work with the artists/patients of the hospital; and equally important programs at the Meyer Hospital in Florence and the Casa della Carità in Milan.

Such projects combine aesthetics with social responsibility, expanding research in the field of education and tapping into the value of diversity, setting it free from the boundaries by which it is often constrained.

A new initiative is starting in November with the MAMbo, one of our museum partner, with whom UniCredit Group has activated a long-term program that supports young Italian artists, reaffirming MAMbo's role as a vital crossroads of interaction and exchange. 

Collezioni mai viste has been curated by Fabio Fornasari and Maurizio Giuffredi from Association 0GK together with Uliana Zanetti. The program will run from 27 November to 15 January.  Stefano Bartezzaghi, Ugo Cornia, Ottonella Mocellin & Nicola Pellegrini, Paolo Nori, Salvatore Sciarrino and the Lost Cloud Quartet, and Giacomo Verde will participate, using contributions either composed for the project or revised from past works.

This experimental program pushes the limits that ordinarily apply to accessibility in museums. It explores the differences and commonalities that define both people with sight and those without. It represents a further step in the ongoing public dialogue surrounding the value and function of museums.  This process began last spring with the opening of Spazio GAM and the Regali e regole exhibition by Stefano Arienti and Cesare Pietroiusti.

Each of the artists will present his or her experience of the museum and its collections through innovative engagements that do not specifically depend on actually seeing any of the works of art, even as the public is free to move in the exhibition rooms.

Collezioni mai viste will focus attention on the "non-visual" aspects of art. This variety of sensual engagement represents an invaluable field of experimentation for both the sighted and the blind, prodding the participants to experience works of art with new tools and in a new way.

In support, the Cavazza Institute for the Blind in Bologna will publish a monograph both in conventional print and in Braille, with essays from the curators and from each of the artists.

Collezioni mai viste, schedule:

27 November, 18.30 with PAOLO NORI
11 December, 18.30 with UGO CORNIA
23 December, 18.30 with CIALDO CAPELLI
8 January, 18.30 with GIACOMO VERDE
15 January, 18.00 with STEFANO BARTEZZAGHI

(in the picture: video still La città negata, 2006, 14'38'' Mocellin & Pellegrini, Courtesy: Lia Rummia Gallery, Milan)


MAMbo Museo d'Arte Moderna