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2nd Annual Forum UniCredit Local Commitees

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July 2006

- The two trusts: the bank and the territory


"Two faiths: the bank and the territory" was the theme of the round table that animated the Second Annual Forum of UniCredit Local Committees, set in Milano, at Teatro Studio. The meeting, three years from the outset of the project "Development of the local area networks" and considering the international dimension acquired by the Group, was focused on the capitalism of territory, starting from the projects proposed, discussed and approved by the Committees themselves, in a logic of connection between local and global. The strategic concept came out from the discussion is "Think global, acts local levels", in order to help moving the Group local area networks of interests in the open range of competition. So, in these local areas two types of faith have to meet: the one of the territorial subjects and the faith of those people that "make bank" in a great international Group; the Local Committees represent really the meeting place of these two faiths, the space in which stakeholders exchange knowledge and competences.







UniCredit Group's President Dieter Rampl, opened the meeting, confirming that the experience acquired from the Local Committees must constitute a point of reference also for the Group's banks of Germany, Austria and Centre-Eastern Europe. In the following session, Alessandro Profumo - Managing director of UniCredit Group - illustrated the Group's strategies of the new Triennial Plan, with particular reference to the connection between great international sceneries and territorial positioning. In Particular, he focused on the goal of strengthening the local networks to be done both sharing proposals and projects in adjoining Committees, and operating for macro areas, for better connecting the territories with the articulated presence of the three segment Banks. Last but not least, CEO announced new important initiatives for the expanding of the local area networks: the "project south", that will interest the regions Campania, Puglia and Sicilia and the feasibility study to set up new UniCredit Local Committees in Liguria and Sardegna region. Edoardo Massaglia - UniCredit Local Committees - focused on the activities realized from the Committees by now and presented the initiatives for the year in progress. He also introduced the results of two investigations: the first one, by GfK Eurisko to the "opinion leader" on the territory (external investigation) and the other one, based on the interviews to the Components of the Committees, realized from AAster (inside investigation). Afterward, the "core" theme of the meeting: "The two Trusts: the bank and the territory" was discussed in a round table coordinated by sociologist Aldo Bonomi. As actors:  Massimo Cacciari - Mayor of Venice, Tom Dealessandri - Deputy Mayor of Turin, Alberto Bombassei - Deputy President of Confindustria for the industrial relationships and the social business and President Brembo Spa., Luciano Consolati - General Secretary of Confartigianato Brescia, Franco Pasquali - General Secretary of Coldiretti, Marco Fortis - President Industrial Districts Governative Commission; Ermete Realacci - President Foundation Symbola; Gianfranco Viesti - Teacher Facoltà di Scienze Politiche Università of Bari; Giuseppe Tripoli - General Secretary of Unioncamere, Savino Pezzotta - President Ezio Tarantelli Foundation. At last, Alessandro Profumo - UniCredit Managing Director - emphasised some themes came out of the debate, suggesting a reflection, in particular on Responsibility, by a big Group like UniCredit, to make some choices: responsibility of selecting projects, selecting development's models and selecting people. All of this, he affirmed, must be based on a clear and transparent corporate governance, as a result of principles and defined rules. Finally, answering Prof. Viesti's assertions, Mr. Profumo underlined that, in this phase, the fundamental role of the Banking System, is the ability to select some excellent enterprises in the "Mezzogiorno" region, favouring their growth and allowing them to become a "driving wheel" for the whole Country.