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People and the City - the first UniCredit Group's virtual exhibition

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September 2006

Introducing "People and the City", the first joint exhibition to come out of the collaboration between some of the various national entities that make up the UniCredit Group.


Culture has always been a vehicle of communication, of breaking down barriers, a place of sharing, while at the same time representing the affirmation of identity, the coexistence of difference, the comparing of thoughts.


In this exhibition, the artistic patrimonies of the Austrian, Italian, Polish, German and Turkish banks of the Group are assembled for the first time to illustrate and recount one of the crucial issues of contemporary experience - the relationship between the individual and the urban environment.


In all the images, one can identify the element that unites urban experiences and that which distinguishes them, linguistic specificity and the community of reflection, just as one encounters the various languages of 20th century figurative art, particularly painting and photography. 


It will be easy for visitors to this virtual exhibition to recognise the famous places and names that have long since entered into the collective imaginarium, just as it will be stimulating to discover new realities, people and places that are distant in space but nonetheless contemporary. 


The relationship between people and the city is something that every one of us experiences daily and that no one can avoid, for better or worse. For this reason we have chosen to start from here, from a shared knowledge that unites those who, from different latitudes and with different problematics, find themselves working within the Group in the hope of providing a new and interesting vision of our world, and not just the world of work. 


Artists have always been able to see with different eyes the same things that everyone else sees but doesn't notice. As such, the space of the canvas, the photographic surface suddenly become new and unexpected worlds that each viewer approaches according to his/her own sensibilities, interests, cultural baggage. An exhibition to experience like a surprising journey into the sites of our everyday existence.






To join the virtual exhibition go to the Group's Art page.