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Naples gateway of the Southern Italy

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November 2006
Naples, Villa Pignatelli  

In the range of "Grand Retour Programme", the voyage in Italy supported by Unicredit Group, the stage of Villa Pignatelli in Naples has presented the socio-economic convention "Naples, gateway of the Southern Italy" promoted by "Turin World Book Capital 2006".

In Southern Italy, the Grand Re-tour has already been in Lecce and Palermo, to relate about the ongoing changes of the regions situated in this area of the Country. The conclusion is that, in order to revitalise the economy of the South, actions and strategies must be also played out by the entire banking system.

In this occasion, Alessandro Profumo - Chief Executive Officer UniCredit Group, has announced the start up of the "Project South" by inception of 3 new UniCredit Local Committees in Campania, Puglia, Sicilia, which represent the further development of strengthening and consolidating local network with the aim to foster the growth of a new entrepreneurial class that can meet the challenges of international competition.

So, in order to encourage the growth of Southern Italy, the great topics to work on, said Profumo, are the infrastructures, the sizing of the enterprises, the development of the environmental patrimony, the seasonality of the tourism, the issue of the clean energy .


The workshop coordinated by Edoardo Massaglia - UniCredit Local Committees and Alessandro Cataldo - Responsible of Direction Regional Commercial South of UniCredit Banca, was opened by Aldo Bonomi - President A.A.ster, who presented a research and managed the following debate with the presence of: Marco Di Lello - councilor for Tourism and Cultural heritage, Region of Campania and Nicola Oddati - town councilor for Culture and Development, Municipality of Naples.

Concerning "social matter", fundamental for the South, Paola Pierri, president of Unidea - UniCredit Foundation, gave her contribution to the discussion.

Others representatives of economy, enterprises and culture have attended to the meeting: Andrea Mondello - president Unioncamere; Savino Pezzotta - President "Fondazione per il Mezzogiorno"; Fabrizio Barca - Economic Development Government Department; Giuseppe Laterza - Publisher; Domenico Cersosimo - Professor of Applied Economy, University of Calabria; Domenico De Masi - Professor of Sociology of the Job, University "La Sapienza" of Rome; Gianfranco Viesti - Professor of Political Economy, University of Bari; Ermete Realacci, President Symbola Foundation; Cristiana Coppola, President Confindustria (Confederation of Italian Industry), Campania; Gianni Lettieri - President Unione Industriali Napoli; Ivanhoe Lo Bello - President Confindustria (Confederation of Italian Industry), Sicily; Franco Pasquali - General Secretary Coldiretti (Italian Agricoltural Association); Dario Scalpella - President Confapi Campania; Roberto Helg - President Palermo Chamber of Commerce; Francesco Benevolo - Operating director Rete Autostrade Mediterranee by Sviluppo Italia; the entrepreneurs: Carlo Borgomeo, Umberto Galassini, Maurizio Marinella, Antonio Palmieri, Ambrogio Prezioso and Raffaele Sansone.