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Mirafiori and the Others

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December 2006
Turin, Mirafiori Motor Village  

Reconverting area, Metropolitan Development, Transformation of Northern Italy

On 13th December 2006 at Mirafiori Motor Village - Turin, the conference "Mirafiori and the Other" has been performed. The event, organized by the Association Turin International with the support of UniCredit Local Committee Torino - Canavese, has given the opportunity to think over and to deepen about the reuse of the biggest Italian Industrial area that, in the next future will be dedicated to new activities and will become an aggregated area for researches, projects and training, together with a space for productive initiatives.

With the purpose to place the reflection on Turin and on the role that the new urban functions of Mirafiori can represent in the transformation of the urban productive areas, the objective of the debate was focused on an wider geographic perimeter .

On the matter, a study was presented, realized by Torino Internationale Association and Aaster Consortium. 

This study focused on some experiences of reconverted metropolitan areas of Northern Italy (Milan, Venice, Genoa), particularly referred to models of governance, to the composition of the activities installed in these places, in order to identify the factors that have favored or hindered the reutilize process.

The hot topics of this project that represents an economic, territorial and cultural transformation, was debated by representatives of political, cultural and institutional community.



After a brief introduction by Ernesto Auci - Institutional Relation Manager - Fiat SpA - the workshop was opened by Professor Giuseppe Berta - Scientific Coordinator of "Torino Internazionale" Association. The outcomes of the research "Mirafiori and the Others" were presented by Aldo Bonomi - President Aaster. 

In the following section, with the attendance of Alessandro Profumo - Chief Executive Officer UniCredit Group, a debate was set up, to discuss about the development models and governance of reconverted areas in the Northern Italy. 

It took part: Giulio Ballio - Rector of Polytechnic in Milan; Massimo Cacciari - Mayor of Venice; Gianfranco Carbonato - President Amma (Association Mechanical and Similar Metallurgical Industrialists); Carlo Castellano - President Dixet; Sergio Chiamparino - Mayor of Turin; Giuseppe Pericu - Mayor of Genoa; Antonio Saitta - President Province of Turin¸ Luca Malocchi - Chief Executive Officer Seat Pagine Gialle. The debate was accompanied by Paolo Griseri - journalist of "La Repubblica",