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1st Annual Forum UniCredit Local Committees

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March 2005

It took place in Palazzo Clerici the first Annual Forum of UniCredit Local Committees. The subject matter was: "The Country-system seen by the Local Committees UniCredit" and it was related to some important economic and social themes: Medium-sized Enterprises Leaders; functional autonomies of the network; University, non-profit and voluntary sectors. The meeting has allowed to make a diagnosis on the situation of the Country, by the own voice of the components of the Local Committees, together with one of some illustrious guests. From privileged observatory, the partecipants reflected both on the problems and on the possible solutions, everyone bringing own concrete experiences matured on the territory. Some important considerations originated from the discussion: a still inadequate infrastructural system, a short-lived politics for research, scarce innovation and weak internazionalization of the italian enterprises. On these outlines it will be necessary to work to improve national competitiveness and, in this sense, UniCredit, by the Local Committees as territorial sensors of the bank, wants represent an intelligent support to the international growth of enterprises, providing operators and services on the territory in the aim of promoting the modernization of the italian system.



The workshop, accompanied by Aldo Bonomi - Manager A.A.Ster and Nadio Delai - Chairman Ermeneia has been open from Carlo Salvatori - Chairman UniCredit. In the following session, General Manager of the three segment market banks, Mario Aramini (UniCredit Banca d'Impresa), Edoardo Massaglia (UniCredit Banca) and Dario Prunotto (UniCredit Private Banking) has illustrated the results and the strategies of the respective banks to improve the territory dialogue. Accompanied by Gianfranco Fabi - Deputy Editor-in-charge of "Il Sole 24 Ore", discussion related to "The Country-system seen by the Local Committees UniCredit" was opened. The debate was participated by the following figures:

representing enterprises - Massimo Calearo - President of the Industrial Association of the Province of Vicenza; Marco Citterio - President of Lario Fiere Erba; Enzo Pavan - President of Confindustria; Franco Stefani - President of System S.p.A.

representing funcional autonomies - Luigi Roth - President Fondazione Fiera Milano; Marco Tiviroli - Managing Director of Aspes Servizi S.p.A.;

representing University - Rodolfo Zich - University Instructor of Dipartimento di Elettronica Politecnico di Torino

representing Non profit and Voluntary sectors - Don Virginio Colmegna - Chairman of Casa della Carità of Milano

The convention was brought to a close by Alessandro Profumo - Managing Director of UniCredit, who gave indications of perspective for the next future for the bank and, particularly, for the development of the territorial rooting project The themes debated in the meeting are published on the magazine "itaca" n.2 - september 2005