Procrastination, disorganisation and tardiness are just some of the many poor habits in the workplace. Here are 3 tips to get back on track.

2:00 min
Identify the triggers

Our daily routines stem from how we respond to different provocations. These knee-jerk reactions happen in our subconscious and continue to feed our habits, whether good or bad. “Triggers can be your thoughts, emotions or something external,” explains Gowri Ramani, a leadership coach for C-Suite executives. “Once you recognise the triggers, consciously practising a different reaction can help change a habit faster,” she clarifies. Here are 5 proven tricks to kick lousy work habits for good.

Follow the 4-step framework

Once we identify the triggers, we can rewire our behaviour by mimicking others who excel in areas that we need improvement. For example, if you are a chronic procrastinator, find a colleague who uses their time wisely while delivering high-quality work. The second step is to observe how they prioritise their tasks for more productive results. Third, try to get yourself involved in the same projects with them, absorbing knowledge as you go. Lastly, ask them to review how you handle your responsibilities and provide feedback. Here’s how to beat procrastination in 10 simple ways.

Start small, stay consistent

The Progress Principle says that taking baby steps and rewarding each progress can be more beneficial than focusing on one big change. While analysing workers’ diaries, researchers Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer discovered that small wins could remarkably improve our work life. The study showed that work does not have to involve curing cancer or rescuing someone from a burning building to be meaningful. The job simply must matter to the person doing it. Learn more about the power of small wins here.