The UniCredit Podcast is back in town! In our third episode “Simplify to Succeed” Azra Popo from our CEO office and Strategy team shares her top tips on decluttering your Universe and shaking up old habits to truly optimise your working style. Tune in! 

2:00 min

“Simplify to Succeed” is the third episode of our Conversations Unlocked, the UniCredit Podcast series exploring the essential factors driving success in the banking industry today.

In this episode we sat down with Azra Popo from our CEO office and Strategy team who gave us plenty to think about with regards to Simplification and her top tips for unlocking potential:

“Challenge the status quo, challenge what you are told, but equally respect other people’s perspectives …that feeling of putting yourself in other people's shoes and understanding where they're coming from and then coming to a common agreement is the key”.

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