How we interact with colleagues, leaders and mentors can either support or inhibit our career growth. Here are three critical questions to ask to develop better communications strategies today.

2:00 min
Are you aware of non-verbal cues?

The way we move, look and listen conveys clear messages to others, telling them whether or not we are being honest or care about what they are saying. Over 55% of our communication relies on non-verbal cues, states psychologist Dr Albert Mehrabian. When we correctly interpret our colleagues' body language, manners, and tone of voice, we gain insights into their thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Here are 10 ways to increase nonverbal awareness for better teamwork and collaboration.

Do you know the fundamentals of a good story?

The art of storytelling is not an innate talent; it requires a set of skills that can be developed and sharpened over time. Structure remains an essential element in any compelling narrative, combined with visual metaphors and multisensorial words to stimulate the mind of our listeners. From ancient Greek philosophers to the beloved films of Walt Disney, each story begins with a Situation-Complication-Resolution (SCR) framework to capture and engage audiences. Discover these 3 storytelling tools to be a better communicator today. 

Do you memorise word-for-word or talk freely?

Many of the world’s greatest speakers do not remember their scripts verbatim. However, they do know the key messages by heart. “Learning your script cold allows you to move from one point to the next without thinking about it,” explains Sabina Nawaz, a TEDx speaker and global communications coach. Learn the 5 core techniques to master your next presentation today.