As change is inevitable in business, helping our teams and colleagues adapt to the shifting environment is key to a successful transformation. Here are three tips from change management experts to guide leaders and team members through these unchartered times.

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Communicate with clarity

To alleviate doubt and uncertainty, leaders can use a “simple, direct and straightforward approach,” urges Tristam Brown, CEO of LSA Global, an organisational alignment consultancy. Disinformation often spreads like wildfire during times of change, depleting the team’s morale and inhibiting individual performance. It’s important to stay focused on the end goal and nurture relationships throughout the journey. Here are four tips to bring clarity and create stability within our teams during large-scale transformations.

Invite the team into the strategy room

Change management requires working together to execute the strategy, adjusting the approach when necessary, and constantly collaborating to achieve the best results. “Involve team members early through the creative dialogue to solicit their insights and suggestions,” explains Sheila Carmichael, an organisational development coach. “You may be surprised by discovering an even more effective way to structure and gain full buy-in.” If you’re struggling to make yourself heard at work, you’re not alone. Here are five ways to elevate your voice and make your suggestions count.

Model the way

Large-scale transitions are tough and can disrupt the sense of who we are and how we fit into our new organisational roles. Leaders and team members can be the example of calm, courage and rationality by embracing the fact that impactful change is everyone’s responsibility. This implies trusting our teams and allowing space for everyone to own their output and give their input. Here are ten tips for effective change leadership by putting our teams front and centre.