Enjoy the no-fuss recipes prepared by our Croatian colleagues for tasty and healthy meals to give a new twist to your lunches and dinners in under 30 minutes.

2:00 min

As part of this year’s new Be well, eat better campaign launched in our Croatian Zagrebačka banka, our colleagues crafted their very own cookbook with tasty and healthy recipes that are easy and quick to prepare. The book also features recipes by popular Croatian chef Nastasja Chiara Petrić, who last Spring shared weekly quick lunch break recipes which were sent out to employees. The book also features recipes by Mario Valentić, kinesiology professor that focuses on sports and recreational activities.

Glancing through the pages you will find recipes for beverages, soups, salads, main courses, and not-to-be-missed desserts, all of which take under 30 minutes to prepare!

The cookbook is a token to our colleagues’ vast cooking skills and creativity as well as being part of the wider promotion of initiatives to support their health and well-being, helping them maintain a work-life balance.