To create meaningful impact and growth opportunities, team members must first win the trust and hearts of the people they serve and work with. Here are three tips for building credibility within our teams.

2:00 min

Know your stuff

Top performers understand that they do not have all the answers. Instead, they embrace intellectual humility while building their core competencies to gain the trust and respect of their colleagues. Being intentional about how we communicate also helps build credibility, advises Ashira Prossack, a communications coach. “You have to know when to speak up, when to listen, and when it’s best to stay silent,” she explains. Communicating with intent means being aware of the purpose and implications of our words and actions at work.


Be authentic

Grow your credibility by sharing key values and committing to them. This means being open in our communications while encouraging transparency and consistency in our decision-making strategies. By embracing authenticity, we promote a work culture where everyone feels more open and connected to their work community, increasing loyalty and attracting top talent. However, “don’t confuse authenticity with blurting things out or having no filter,” warns Dede Henley, a leadership expert. Learn how much of your “authentic self” should you really bring to work here.

Don’t imitate, initiate

A recent study shows that approximately 95% of employees are imitators, while only 5% are initiators. Cultivating credibility requires being in that five-percentile category and proactively generating fresh ideas to move the team forward – even if your solutions fail. However, proactivity can backfire if channelled in the wrong way, such as tackling projects outside your expertise without carefully communicating your intentions. To avoid unintended consequences, click here to learn more about when to take initiative at work and when to refrain.