The buddybank and TIDAL music series, Niente Di Strano 3, is back with its 4th live music show, this time dedicated to discovering new talents.

2:00 min

The well-established live music series "Niente di Strano", by buddybank and TIDAL, hosted by Carlo Pastore, together with Except directed by Pepsy Romanoff and Andrea Folino, continues after the success of Rkomi, TY1 and Studio Murena. Last night for the 4th episode Nayt, bnkr44 and Iside performed on the stage of TeatroLaCucina in Milan.


First on stage were Iside, a band of four guys from Bergamo, who experiment with different musical styles: pop, hip pop, indie rock and electronic.


Second up, bnkr44, a Tuscan collective who have been meeting in a bunker in Empoli since last year to explore and mix different styles. Open and inclusive, they surround themselves with the most diverse talents to create a complete reality from an artistic point of view.


The evening ended with Nayt, a rapper against the tide, who recently launched his new album 'Doom', the result of a journey of acceptance and self-awareness.


Watch yesterday's 4th Live show here.