The success of buddybank and TIDAL’s Niente Di Strano 3 continues with the 3rd live music show dedicated to pop music.

2:00 min

The well-established live music series "Niente di Strano", by buddybank and TIDAL, hosted by Italian presenter and music expert Carlo Pastore, together with Except directed by Pepsy Romanoff and Andrea Folino, last night turned the lights on for the 3rd show at TeatroLaCucina in Milan. Motta, I Hate My Village, Emma Nolde, Generic Animal passed the baton to Rkomi, TY1 accompanied by Touché & Villabanks and Studio Murena.


First on stage were Studio Murena, a group of six guys from Milan, whose music is a combination of jazz, conscious rap and much more.


Second up, TY1, one of Italy's leading DJs and producers, who recently returned to the music scene to surprise us with his many personalities and musical facets.


The evening ended with a performance by Mirko Martorana, aka Rkomi, rapper and singer-songwriter who in his latest album "Taxi driver" showcased his musical evolution from rap to pop with a rock soul.


Watch yesterday's 3rd Live show here.