buddybank and TIDAL light-up the audience in Milan for the 2nd live music show filled with interviews and upcoming beats and talents from the Italian music industry, showcasing sounds and vibes from contemporary times.

2:00 min

The well-established live music series "Niente Di Strano", by buddybank and TIDAL, hosted by Carlo Pastore, together with Except directed by Pepsy Romanoff and Andrea Folino, last night turned the lights on for the second show at TeatroLaCucina in Milan. After the first evening with BigMama and Sottotono this time the audience was entertained by performances by Motta, I Hate My Village and Emma Nolde accompanied by Generic Animal.


First on stage was Emma Nolde, a curious and energetic 20-year-old singer-songwriter, who was also guest of the 5th episode of Niente Di Strano 2. With her debut album Toccaterra, she is ready to let go. For this occasion, she was accompanied by upcoming singer Luca Galizia, aka Generic Animal.


Second up, I Hate my Village, one of the the most talented groups of recent years, founded by Adriano Viterbini and Fabio Rondanini with the close participation of Marco Fasolo and Alberto Ferrari, who recently released their second album called "Gibbone" in which different and apparently distant creative styles coexist, from African psychedelic to contemporary minimalist music. 


The evening ended with Motta, a young singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Tuscany, won over the public with his sensitivity in dealing with current and socially relevant issues.


Watch yesterday's second Live show here.