“Niente di Strano" is back!

buddybank and TIDAL bring the third season of our popular music series back to our screens and with a live audience following the pandemic halt, entertaining each week with a different mood and genre, moving beyond borders.

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buddybank and TIDAL, the global music streaming and entertainment platform, have announced the third edition of "Niente Di Strano", the well-established livestream music series, hosted by Italian music presenter and expert Carlo Pastore, together with Except directed by Pepsy Romanoff and Andrea Folino.


This year, Niente di Strano goes “further”, overcoming the borders of last year’s remote version to return to being a live show with an audience. Six episodes will be broadcasted live every thursday evening from 7 pm on the buddybank YouTube channel and on Corriere.it.


The new edition represents the restart and the rebirth: it is a symbol of music overcoming barriers and difficulties, resonating in every direction. In addition to the artists, the stage will host 6 totems that thanks to a showcase of lights, mirrors and projections, will generate a sense  of infinity, extending beyond the limits of the Teatro La Cucina, a theatre once used as a kitchen of Milan's former psychiatric hospital Paolo Pini:


BEYOND genres

BEYOND language barriers 

BEYOND borders between digital and analogue 

BEYOND the Pandemic

BEYOND fears and the obstacles


To overcome, improve and evolve. Remaining faithful to one's own mission.


The season was launched on 28 October by Sottotono and BigMama who opened the first episode dedicated to rap music with great enthusiasm and energy.

BigMama: Marianna Mammone, a rapper born in 2000, whose songs talk about bullying, body shaming and love without compromises nor filters.

Sottotono, Italian historic hip hop duo formed by Massimiliano Cellamaro aka Tormento and Massimiliano Dagani aka Big Fish, who returned to the music scene after 20 years.


Watch last week’s live recording here.