Embracing intrapreneurship means taking greater ownership of our output – like an entrepreneur – but within a larger and more multifaceted organisation. Research suggests that being intrapreneurial elevates both engagement and productivity scores, making work more rewarding and fulfilling. Here’s how to get started.

2:00 min

Build company knowledge

The value of any colleague who seeks to be an intrapreneur begins with a deep understanding of the organisation. Knowledge is the key competitive differentiator when it comes to driving performance and success. Every decision from product design to the entire business operation cannot function without the knowledge held by each and every team member. Intrapreneurs can be instrumental by understanding the work culture and corporate strategy so well that they intuitively spot opportunities for growth to move the firm forward.

Retry former ideas

The best solutions often fall short not because they were inescapably bad ideas. “One of the chief obstacles for innovation is the fact that many good ideas – including creative ones that were poorly executed – suffer from a lack of timing, sponsorship, or salesmanship,” explains Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, a business psychologist. Great solutions can often be recycled, and intrapreneurs can rise to the challenge to give such visions a second chance. Discover ways to boost your strategic thinking to reformulate stale concepts into better prospects.

Establish mentorship

Seeking advice from leaders can help develop unique talents to solve an array of problems. Such relationships can be mutually beneficial as they cultivate strong networks and open communication lines within the firm. Intrapreneurs can leverage their newly acquired skills and connections to find ways to improve a service or process, save a company time and money, and confront other risks and challenges within their organisation. To help you get started, avoid these common pitfalls when looking for workplace mentorship today.