When change is needed the most, we often stick with what we know, which can hinder learning and innovation. According to a McKinsey survey on business growth, this tendency called the “adaptability paradox” places us in a corner where we miss out on new opportunities to thrive. Here are three ways to avoid falling into this trap to boost your potential.

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Keep a growth mindset

Openness to new things and willingness to learn are key attributes to overcome the inertia that makes us stick to the status quo. People who have a growth mindset are more likely to embrace challenges and learn from failures instead of dwell on them. “This can help people be more creative because they are more likely to persistently pursue solutions,” explains Svetlana Whitener, a leadership expert. Try these 3 simple habits to adopt a learning mindset today.

Take small steps & celebrate

The Japanese philosophy of Kaizen explores the concept of focusing on small but gradual efforts to achieve business excellence and long-term goals. “Small wins have a transformational power,” explains Mehrnaz Bassiri, a progress coach. Once a small goal is achieved, “forces are set in motion until the combination of these small wins leads to greater accomplishments.” Follow this how-to guide to make minor improvements every day to reach greatness.

Avoid the echo chamber

Build connections with colleagues with different perspectives to avoid an environment where we only encounter opinions that reinforce our own. Sharing experiences (in-person or remotely) with people from all walks of life can challenge our views to facilitate thought diversity and stimulate creative solutions. Here are six tips to avoid confirmation bias and overcome the adaptability paradox, leading to trusting relationships and a healthier work environment.