11 March 2021

Being able to look at life with irony is a skill that can be cultivated and one which can help us be stronger, and more resilient people.

2:00 Min

Humour weakens negative emotions

The ability to face difficulties through a little healthy irony can help us find a solution to the problem. As Gary Burnison, CEO of Korn Ferry, reminds us, "Even in the saddest of times, there may be a reason to smile - we just have to work hard to find it."

Laughter improves the work environment

The ability to laugh with colleagues makes a work day lighter and helps build team spirit. Alison Beard's article published in the Harvard Business Review says that laughter at work "increases engagement and well-being and stimulates not only creativity and collaboration, but also analytical precision and productivity."

Laughing is good for your health

As we laugh, our muscles relax and our brains release endorphins. Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that twenty seconds of laughter can strengthen lungs as much as three minutes on a rowing machine. The Indian doctor Madan Kataria has also promoted "Laughter Yoga" all over the world: a discipline that promotes the supply of oxygen to the body and brain, combining yoga breathing with the power of laughter.